Tuesday, November 12, 2019

(Courtesy of Leket Israel) Three bat mitzvah girls from Bergen County came with their families to volunteer with Leket Israel—The National Food Bank ( www.leket.org/en/  )—on their recent trip to Israel.

The group, which included Shira and Tamar Ginsberg and their cousin Vered Goodman celebrating their bat mitzvahs along with their grandparents and great-grandmother, rolled up their sleeves to sort 1,760 lbs. of fresh lemons and carrots that Leket Israel rescued for distribution to Israelis in need. These lemons and carrots will feed 400 needy families. Leket is truly grateful for its volunteers who come to rescue and distribute surplus food to benefit Israel’s poor.

“It’s terrific when groups come and get their hands dirty volunteering with Leket Israel,” commented Joseph Gitler, Leket Israel’s founder and chairman. “Helping sort fruits and vegetables at the Leket Israel Logistics Center in Ra’anana is a wonderful way for people to connect with the cause and help provide food to Israel’s poor. People see they can make a true difference, even with limited time.”