Tuesday, November 12, 2019

The overstocked “Down the Aisle Kallah Gemach” will hold a huge yard sale at 36 Pleasant Ave., Passaic, on Sunday, July 28, and Monday, July 29, from 10-6. The gemach is selling many brand-new items including Mikasa, Lenox, Judaica, picture frames, all types of platters and bowls, toys, and much more. Proceeds from these items will generate cash for the gemach so we can purchase Crock-Pots, coffee urns and other more-appropriate housewares that are needed for the kallahs as they set up their new homes.

The “Down the Aisle Kallah Gemach” collects brand-new items and gives them out free of charge to needy kallahs as they set up their new homes. Peninah Pick has been running the gemach from her house in Passaic for over 10 years and has helped kallahs from Passaic, all over New Jersey and New York, as well as in Russia and Israel. The gemach currently has an over-abundance of mostly new, beautiful items that are too big, funky or just not to the liking of most young kallahs.

This is the sixth year the gemach has held a yard sale. Prior years have all been very successful due to the support of the kehila. Please come out and help the new kallahs.