Friday, August 23, 2019


Seminar on Enhancing Life Skills Comes to Passaic

“You & I—The Source of Everything” is a series of four workshops for the frum community to be held February 17-19 in Passaic. The seminar teaches participants how to add power and creativity to their lives. It has been conducted in many Orthodox communities including Atlanta, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Lakewood and Phoenix.

Clifton Shul Wins $2.5 Mil in Landmark Religious Discrimination Case

It shouldn’t take 10 years to get permission to build a synagogue, but it did in Clifton, New Jersey. Finally, after a mediation overseen by the state’s former attorney general, a community in Clifton will be able to worship in peace, in a new building. Synagogue leadership stated repeatedly that the shul was being illegally discriminated against through

Emotions Run High at Passaic Torah Institute’s Annual Dinner

It was an emotional evening for the 400+ people at Yeshiva Ner Boruch/Passaic Torah Institute & Ateres Bracha Neve-PTI’s 23rd annual dinner recently. The celebration took place just a few days after the first yahrzeit of the rosh yeshiva’s wife, Rebbetzin Ita Singer, a”h, and you could hear a pin drop as

Dogs Run in Passaic 5K

Last year, Passaic’s George Matyjewicz and his wife ran in the Passaic-Clifton 5K. They ran with their two South African Boerboels, the first time ever that dogs were allowed in the race. This year it was just George who ran, with their 3-year-old baby Mufasa—all 210 pounds of him. They ran later, after all others started, and

Kool Kids Passaic Plans Art Show

Kool Kids Passaic invites you to attend an art show on Tuesday, November 27, from 6 - 8 p.m. at Ohel Rivka Hall, 181 Pennington Ave., Passaic. The art show, which is generously sponsored by the Bear Givers EmpowerART program, will feature a display of artwork from Passaic-Clifton children with disabilities, as

International Pop Star Micha Gamerman Makes Music in Passaic Park

The residents of Passaic Park, Clifton and the surrounding communities got a rare treat last Sunday evening when international pop singer Micha Gamerman performed a free concert to a standing room only crowd. The concert was single-handedly produced by local fan Judy Herzfeld and generously sponsored by Passaic

Musical Rabbi Micha Gamerman to Perform in Passaic Park

To say Micha Gamerman is a jack of all trades would be a huge understatement. Soon after his marriage, Micha completed his rabbinical studies and was certified as a mohel. Today, Micha is an active rebbe and educator of hundreds of children of the Jewish community in São Paulo. He also performs britim throughout all of Brazil. But

Keren Or’s BBQ Event Held at Semmelman Home

(Courtesy of Keren Or) On Wednesday, July 25, Teaneck residents and Keren Or board members Jacques Semmelman and Yisroel and Shira Hochberg were the gracious co-hosts of Keren Or’s successful barbecue event.

Keren Or Jerusalem Center for Blind Children with Multiple Disabilities is a

Kool Kids Passaic Offers Horticultural Experiences for Children With Special Needs

(Courtesy of Kool Kids Passaic) Yoni (name has been changed), a Kool Kids Passaic participant, eagerly picked a purple bean from the garden. He quickly washed it off, and, with the help of his volunteer, said a bracha and took a bite. “I grew this!” Yoni exclaimed. “In our Kool Kids garden!”

Plant a Tree Online on MyHeritage.com

The Jewish Genealogical Society of North Jersey will present “Planting a Tree On-Line on MyHeritage.com” at the YMCA of Wayne, 1 Pike Drive, Wayne, New Jersey, on Wednesday, May 9, at 7:30 p.m.

Daniel Horowitz, chief genealogist at MyHeritage, will introduce attendees to the friendly and free online

Help Make Yom Yerushalayim Minyan at Paterson Shul

On Shabbat, May 12, the Paterson Shul at Federation Apartments, located at 510 E. 27th Street (corner of 12th Ave), is honoring one of the minyan-men living in the apartments there who is an IDF veteran of the Six-Day War and Yom Kippur War. This coincides with the weekend we celebrate Yom Yerushalayim which is most appropriate for people

Rep. Pascrell Visits Jewish Family Service and Children’s Center of Clifton-Passaic

Last week, U.S. Rep. Bill Pascrell, Jr. (D-NJ-09) met with Rabbi Michael Bleicher to tour the Jewish Family Service & Children’s Center of Clifton-Passaic (JFS) and discuss the importance of continued funding for the new facility, which is scheduled to open in May.

“I want to thank Rabbi