Friday, August 23, 2019


Yedei Chesed Plans Second Annual Shabbaton

Yedei Chesed is thrilled to announce its second annual Shabbaton, taking place in Passaic, on Shabbat Parshat Terumah, March 3. This special Shabbat of inclusion will bring together individuals with developmental disabilities from both Rockland County, NY and the Clifton-Passaic Jewish community, strengthening bonds with

Passaic Performing Arts Camp Opens Summer Registration

Camp Habima for the Performing Arts, a summer conservatory program for girls in grade six or older, is hosting a conservatory-caliber program at Young Israel of Passaic-Clifton, 200 Brook Avenue, Passaic. Highly trained staff and professionals will be teaching vocal performance, dance and drama. Other activities include swimming, an

Daughters of Miriam Fosters Community Connections Through the Generations

Clifton—As Daughters of Miriam Center/The Gallen Institute approaches its 100th anniversary, the Center’s long connection to families in the northern New Jersey area often stretches between generations. When Helen Rubinstein’s son Robert helped her move into the Daughters of Miriam Center for rehabilitation on her

Clifton Memorial Library to Host Opening by Artist Bonnie Goetz

The Clifton Memorial Library will be showing “Viewpoints: Landscapes of Passaic Park” by local artist Bonnie Goetz on Tuesday, January 3, from 7 to 9 p.m. Fourteen paintings of Third Ward Park and its surrounding areas will be presented, bringing various perspectives of the historical park into view. Local residents will be encouraged

Ahavas Israel of Passaic Plans Interactive Chanukah Game Show Night

Join Ahavas Israel for a special Chanukah event, featuring a “One-of-a-Kind, Interactive Live Game Show,” to be held on the fifth night of Chanukah, Wednesday, December 28. The evening will begin with a Chinese-food dinner at 6:30, followed by the performance at 7:30.

All reservations placed and paid

Passaic Community Pays Tribute  to Singers’ 50 Years of Dedication

On December 11, over 400 people braved the snow to come out and honor the 50 years of dedicated service of Rabbi Shlomo & Rebbetzin Ita Singer, the founders of the Yeshiva Ner Boruch, The Passaic Torah Institution, PTI.

Men shook snow off their coats and women swiped their shoes

Lev Modiin—Advancing Kiruv Through Chochmas Chaim

With over 30 years of kiruv work behind him, Rabbi Elazar Grunberger keeps expanding his vision and the scope of his activities.

After 27 years of dedication and kiruv in St. Louis, a time characterized by Philadelphia Rosh Yeshiva HaRav Shmuel Kamenetsky as “…exceptionally successful…the entire

Young Israel of Passaic-Clifton Honoring Veterans This Shabbos

The Young Israel of Passaic-Clifton (YIPC) invites the broader Passaic-Clifton community to join it this Shabbos to honor local military veterans. Rabbi Chaplain Ira Kronenberg will address youth groups in the morning and speak at Shalosh Seudos (preceded by Mincha at 4:15 pm).

YIPC members who served in

Join YUConnects at Yad Leah Warehouse

On Sunday, September 25, beginning at 11 a.m., join YUConnects at the Yad Leah Warehouse, located at 2 Brighton Avenue in Passaic. Help sort and pack clothing to be shipped to Israel’s less fortunate. The cost is $20, which includes a dairy lunch following the volunteer session. The event is for single men and women ages 21-29. To register, visit

Young Israel Passaic-Clifton presents Teshuva Talks—Yemei Ratzon Learning Program during Shalosh Seudot

Rabbi Shmuel Maybruch will speak on September 10 on “How the Truth...Isn’t: An Honest Discussion About Our Dishonesties,” at mincha, approximately 6:40 p.m., with speaker to follow during shalosh seudot.

Rabbi Elchanan Adler will speak on September 24 on “Tefila: Supplication or Confrontation? May We Make Demands of Hashem?” at mincha, approximately

One Body, One Heart

We are Jews. We are. And never are we more reminded of that than when one of our own is killed.

It was about four years ago. It could have been more. I received a quick-paced phone call one morning before school from Rabbi Mordechai Rindenow. It seemed his son Shlomo Zalman missed his ride up to school in Monsey and since I was going anyway could I please take

Seasons Clifton-Passaic Now Open!

It was 10:59 a.m. on Tuesday, and the new Seasons Clifton-Passaic store entrance was buzzing with anticipation as anxious patrons awaited its 11 a.m. opening. Adorned with festive balloons, with snow cones and cotton candy available nearby, the doors finally slid open. The crowd