Thursday, November 21, 2019

David Siesser played ball and celebrated his bar mitzvah all in one night. Although he did not have to hop from one venue to another, because he enjoyed a CMEK Basketball Bar-Mitzvah at BPY. His schoolmates from Yavneh and friends from BPY, RYNJ, Yeshivat Noam and his camp bunkmates from Long Island all came to celebrate his special day. It was the perfect party for David, an all-star on the Yavneh seventh grade basketball team.

David’s father Ron told the JLNJ, “He loves hanging out with his friends and simply wanted to play ball as a way of celebrating his bar mitzvah and friendships. He also had fun playing general manager by creating the teams and jerseys for the tournament. The Gatorade brand has a special place in David’s life, having refueled with the very first bottle of kosher Gatorade when he was 8 years old when living in Chicago and playing in the JCC rec league. With his love of sports, he played up on the Gatorade theme and gave out water bottles, kippahs and t-shirt jerseys with a personalized Davi-rade logo.”

The event was hosted by Chad Mekles of CMEK. “It was a pleasure working David’s parents, Ron and Debra. They had a clear vision of what they wanted for David; I assisted them along the way. Our coaching staff each has a specific role to make sure that each guest is having a great time and that the party process flows smoothly,” said Mekles.

Corey Goldman, program and entertainment director added, “We meticulously plan things down to the minute with activities that we know each guest will enjoy. Really, the key is having a superb, authoritative figure who knows how to make things fun, but commands a great level of respect. It definitely puts the parents at ease knowing that we have everything under control.”

Ron added, “David has always looked up to the coaches of CMEK who have helped him improve his game and have taught him how to be a great teammate. He loves playing travel basketball with CMEK and spending days off from school at their camps.” Mekles noted, “Our primary focus will always remain continuing to develop the basketball skills of each boy and girl in our program through skills training, camps and AAU travel teams. In fact, the great majority of boys and girls playing on their middle schools teams developed their passion and learned the fundamentals of basketball with us.”

Chad identified CMEK’s mission: to create a “Can’t Beat It Party for a Can’t Beat It Price.” He views it as the ultimate responsibility when a family chooses CMEK for their special event, especially now that he is a father. That is why he vows to always host them. The best part of their parties is that they can bring it anywhere.

CMEK offers 3 Sports Party packages, while the family chooses the theme. Each package includes a meal, dessert, montage and giveaways.

Basketball Party: 4-team round robin full court tournament games with one all-sports activity.

Sports Party: All-Sports Color War Olympics Party featuring a variety of games, contests and activities.

Dance Party: Sports Themed DJ Dance Party where the space is set up as a sports stadium.

For more information on CMEK Entertainment, bar/bat mitzvahs, birthday parties and special events, see www.CMEK.com.