Monday, March 30, 2020

(Courtesy of Chafetz Chaim USA) When the Chofetz Chaim saw danger for klal Yisrael looming on the horizon, he urged Jews everywhere to grasp the protection of shmiras halashon. Today, with anti-Semitism on the rise throughout the world, with Iran plotting the destruction of Eretz Yisrael and so much distress within our own ranks as well, the Chofetz Chaim Heritage Foundation is launching a massive defensive campaign to commit 10,000 new participants to learn shmiras haloshon yomi.

Patterned on the model of crowd-funding, the campaign goal is to have 10,000 people signed up by the yahrtzeit of the Manchester Rosh Yeshiva, Rav Yehudah Zev Segal, zt”l. The surge of merit this campaign will create with so powerful a wave of shmiras halashon can, im yirtzeh Hashem, tip the balance of the Heavenly scales in klal Yisrael’s favor.

The crowd-funding model is the perfect analogy for how and why shmiras halshon has this power. Crowd-funding amplifies the power of each donation by involving a “matcher,” a major donor or donors who will match the funds raised in the campaign.

The “matcher” for the Chofetz Chaim Heritage Foundation’s campaign is none other than Hashem. Through His system of middah k’neged middah—measure-for-measure Divine justice—He will “match” our increased kindness and compassion, forgiveness and forbearance for each other with His own limitless kindness and compassion toward us.

This is an Iron Dome that we can construct for ourselves, our families and Jews everywhere. It doesn’t depend on any country or any leader coming to our rescue. Instead, it depends on all of us joining forces to strengthen Hashem’s protection at a time when we can clearly see danger encroaching.

And as vital as this klal-wide protection is, this 10,000-person addition to the world’s shmiras halashon learning will also go far to bring peace and blessing to each person’s everyday life. All those who participate, who make shmiras halashon a part of their day, will find their relationships becoming richer and more productive, their endeavors becoming more successful and their home becoming more peaceful. Most of all, their heart will become more open and connected to Hashem, thus drawing more bracha into their life.

The sign-ups are already beginning to mount, but reaching the goal is vital. With it, klal Yisrael will have the “critical mass” needed to make a true turnaround in people’s interactions with their fellow Jew.

At this moment, when we can see our future hanging in the balance, there’s no reason to hesitate. Sign up today for a one- to five-minute-a-day lesson in shmiras halashon by visiting chofetzchaimusa.org. Be one of 10,000: one vital piece of our Iron Dome.