Monday, March 30, 2020

Divrei Torah

‘Do Not Bury Me in Egypt’

As Yaakov’s death approaches, he asks Yosef to promise to bury him in Israel where his father and grandfather are buried.

Notice the first words that Yaakov says: “…Do kindness and truth with me, please do not bury me in Egypt” (47:29).

What does Yaakov mean

Being Patient: Waiting For One’s Destiny

Reading through the various stories of the Tanach, one common theme we encounter is that patience is a virtue. Things do not happen as quickly or as exactly as we had expected. Even promises made by Hashem sometimes seem to take a very long time to come true or may even seem to go awry at first.

Unity, Caring and Moshiach

Klal Yisrael just celebrated the momentous occasion of the Daf Yomi Siyum HaShas, in which hundreds of thousands of Jews around the world gathered together to celebrate. In MetLife Stadium alone there were close to 100,000 Jews! Many there did not learn the daf each day but wanted to be part of something bigger than themselves and give

‘Know Shas’

The verse (Genesis 47:28) begins, “And Yaakov lived in Egypt for 17 years…” Is there more going on here? I would argue that Yaakov’s first 17 years were lived and enjoyed with Yosef, before Yosef got sold. Now Yaakov’s last 17 years take place in the same vicinity as Yosef. What symbolized their pleasure, their chiyut? Learning

Will Improving Ourselves Bring Achdut?

As Yaakov feels his end is near, he calls for his sons to gather around him so he can reveal to them the end of days. However, the forthcoming verses seem to mention nothing of that revelation, and Rashi in fact comments that indeed, although Yaakov wished to inform them about what would occur in the end of times, the Divine Presence left

The Daf Yomi World

This week marked the conclusion of the 13th cycle of Daf Yomi, drawing massive celebrations across the Jewish world. Over the past 20 years the Daf Yomi phenomenon has grown exponentially with each passing cycle. How did this revolution occur and how has it reshaped the modern Jewish world?

Seeing the Big Picture

Within a 24-hour period last month, the Jewish nation suffered a great loss with the terrorist attack in Jersey City, and then affecting our own yeshiva and Passaic community, the tragic car accident in Israel that took the life of 23-year-old Avrohom Nochum Landy, son of Rabbi and Mrs. Yerachmiel and Tzipora Landy. Then, in the past week,

The Wagons of Assimilation

“...And he [Yaakov] saw the wagons that Yosef had sent to transport him, then the spirit of their father Yaakov was revived.” (Bereishit 45:27)

From this verse, it would seem that Yosef sent the wagons to Yaakov. Indeed, the Midrash relates that Yosef used the wagons to remind Yaakov of the last

Hanging in There a Bit More

At some point during this extremely harsh and intense ordeal between the brothers and Yosef (who was still undercover), Yosef could not hold himself back anymore and left the scene in order to cry. It sounds to us like a very sweet act, an emotion that is natural and heartfelt, one that is borne out of the mercy of Yosef’s heart who was

The Impact of So Few on So Many

A few years ago, I read that an acceptable rounding error of a Chinese population census is 30 million—double the number of Jews in the world! Furthermore, there are many more children in first grade in China (approximately 20 million) than there are Jews.

Despite these figures, the remarkable fact

Make It Personal

Under a bearded disguise, the brothers are under Yosef’s jurisdiction, unbeknownst to them that this ruler was their own blood brother. After accusing them of being spies and placing them in prison, Yosef demands of them to have Binyamin brought to him, or else he will have them killed. The brothers (except for Shimon who was kept with


Is it really possible that Yaakov asked of God to dwell in tranquility in the true sense of the word? That would seem quite impossible, for if you look at his life, within the paradigm of toiling in Torah, he didn’t sleep for 14 years while learning, and within the arena of work he gave over his heart and soul to work honestly for 20