Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Louis Farrakhan.

A man who would compare Jews to “termites” and refer to Hitler as a “great man” and Judaism as a “gutter religion.”

How much connection to the Women’s March does anyone need from Louis Farrakhan to viscerally understand that this is a movement gone awfully bad?

This is who the so-called Women’s March “leaders” hitched their wagons to while questioning Jewish women leaders for not speaking out on a historically dubious claim of slave ownership among Jews. All of this is part of Farrakhan’s mantra.

So now, we learn that the Democratic National Committee has joined many other like-minded groups in disassociating itself from the Women’s March and its branding. The march, itself, is scheduled for January 19.

The Jewish Democratic Committee of America rightly spoke in favor of groups that have disaffiliated from this year’s Women’s March.

How can any person of civility march in lockstep with the Tamika Mallorys of the world who find themselves in sad synchronization with the Nation of Islam’s sick brand of anti-Semitism?

Mallory, the co-leader of the Women’s March, when pressed to disavow her affiliation with Farrakhan, has repeatedly talked around the issue, yet her connection to the Nation of Islam’s Goebbels-like hate speech is all over social media.

We support the will and strength of women to march for causes in which they believe. But to exclude Jewish women or to single out Jewish women as not being able to participate sends a message that the left in this country seems headed to. And for Jewish women, it should lead to a question of just where the Democrat Party in particular finds itself as we head from the midterm elections towards 2020. You might not be as welcome as you think.