Wednesday, January 22, 2020

New Jersey Congressman Josh Gottheimer got it so on point recently when he introduced a resolution urging the United States to formally recognize Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights.

There is no more vital time than now for the Trump Administration to validate the New Jersey Congressman’s important resolution. He joins Senators Ted Cruz (R-Tex) and Tom Cotton (R-Ark) in advocating for Israel.

Many of us who have visited the northern area of the country cannot imagine how Israel even made it to the 1967 War without taking over the Heights. They are a strategic necessity for the well being of Israel. And with Iran and Hezbollah now factors of higher risk in the immediate area, Israel more than ever needs to hear from its most powerful friend in the United States, that this land is part of Greater Israel.

Gottheimer recognizes this as he wrote to the President, “I urge your Administration to adopt a comprehensive strategy to halt the march of Iranian-backed forces across the Middle East via a land bridge stretching from Tehran to the Mediterranean, including right up to Israel’s border.” He goes on to write: “Given the state of present-day Syria and its foreseeable future, requiring Israel to cede control over this area would pose an unacceptable risk to our ally’s existence.”

With a belligerent Iran funding failed terror tunnels from Lebanon into Israel and Gaza into Israel, now is not the time  for the US to be anything but straight forward in its support of a well prepared, action oriented IDF in and along the Golan Heights.

With a faltering Iranian economy, there is no telling what tact Tehran will take to bring more tension into the region around the Golan.

We share Rep. Gottheimer’s concerns and we’re confident that President Trump will as well and take action.