Wednesday, September 18, 2019



It’s Not So Simple:

Diogenes, Hoenlein and The Truth

At least five times a day, in the Sh’ma, a Jew prays about truth.  Diogenes spent his life looking for an honest man. And in all the chatter about the Middle East, truth is hard to find.

But if there is anyone who can figure out what is going on in the world that affects the Jewish


Every year when school starts, parents are upset when they find out where their children have to wait for the school bus, if they have a school bus, and how long the bus ride will take. Recently, the Teaneck Board of Education invited the public to a meeting about school buses for students who attend private/day schools/yeshivot in the neighborhood. Pleas went out for

The Candles Dim, One at a Time

Yom HaShoah commemorations began with commemorations in NY in the early 1950s. Since those early days, commemorations on the Sunday after Pesach, timed to coincide with the anniversary of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising on first Seder night, April19, 1943, have become ubiquitous. Yom HaShoah has become an American obligation, as candles are lit in synagogues, in parks and