Monday, February 24, 2020


We Need Unity Now More Than Ever

Last week, many of us learned of the Tree of Life congregation killings as we emerged from Shabbat.

Some of us, as the Havdalah candle wick is still smoldering, turn on our smartphones or any other preferred screens, fearing we are missing something.

This time,

Be It AIPAC or YUNMUN, Let’s Hear It For the Teens

This is a great time of year to be an Orthodox Jewish teenager in northern New Jersey.

If you are parents of teens or know teens in the area, chances are they aren’t going to be talking about the Giants or the Jets (check their current records), but instead there’s bound to be discussion about the

Welcome to The Jewish Link’s New Look and Feel

Our regular readers have likely noticed by now that this week’s 253rd edition of our paper and, specifically, our cover looks markedly different than the 252 editions that came before it.

You may have thought that your eyes were deceiving you, or perhaps you thought for a second that this was

Let’s Focus on the Midterm Elections

Twenty days. That’s how much time we have until the crucial November 6 midterm elections.

The Jewish Link, over the past several weeks, has been profiling the incumbents and challengers in several important New Jersey races. More are to come.

You think your vote

Where Will Our Child Live?

Seeking housing solutions for our children with special needs.

Most of our friends and by now many of our readers know that my wife and I are the parents of Zev, a sweet and handsome son who has special needs/autism. He is now nearing 18 years old and is currently matriculating in a

The ‘New Sheriff’ We Miss Already

The “new sheriff in town” is, much to our dismay, getting out of Dodge City.

Indeed, Nikki Haley, the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, announced Tuesday she will be leaving her post at year’s end.

That has left those of us who wake up each day with Israel

A ‘Textbook’ Case of Hatred

It’s about time.

How many Palestinian school children have been poisoned into hatred of Jews and Israel because of the toxic mixture of misinformation they have read and have been spoon fed through textbooks.

Last week a European Parliament committee voted

Ari Fuld Loved Israel to His Last Breath

Ari Fuld, may Hashem avenge his blood.

Many of us approached Yom Kippur with the sorrow of this 45-year-old father of four, Efrat resident, and gibor (hero) of Israel on our minds.

Fuld chased his killer, with a cut artery, and shot him before his own life ran out. In

A Time to Rediscover the Family

We find ourselves at a time of grateful abundance. We emerge from our Rosh Hashanah tefillot observing the birthday of the world only to look ahead with nervous anticipation as our heartfelt prayers will seal our lives of goodness, joy and health in Hashem’s book.

When we then look at our body of

Rosh Hashanah Reading

We have just finished a fairly wet and rainy Rosh Hashanah—in truth, I can’t even remember a Rosh Hashanah during the past 10-20 years when it rained like this and Tashlich was rained out. With it raining on both days of Yom Tov, I had time to read perhaps even a bit more than I normally would over a regular Yom Tov. My family

Let’s Keep Telling the Story in 5779

In his book “Ceremony & Celebration: Introduction to the Holidays,” Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks writes that “those who fully enter the spirit of Rosh Hashanah emerge into the new year charged, energized, focused, renewed, knowing that to be a Jew is to live life in the presence of God, to sanctify life for the sake of God, and to

We Must Insist on Equitable State Security Funding for Schools

At an unfortunate time in our nation’s history, when school shootings have become an all-too-regular occurrence, it seems our state legislature is more concerned with the security needs of public school students than the children who attend private schools.

And by and large, that means our