Friday, November 22, 2019


Teaneck’s David Schiff Saves a Life

On Monday, a 47-year-old man facing end-stage kidney disease sat in his hospital room in Hackensack and wondered if he would meet the stranger who was about to save his life.

Adam Kaplan, a real estate broker from Manalapan, has suffered in recent years from diabetes

The First Modern Orthodox Jew: Two Models

Editor’s note: In recent weeks, several of our community rabbis have discussed Modern Orthdox members of our community as “lulav Jews,” those standing strong in the midst of secular culture, and our readers also debated, at times quite passionately, whether our children will remain committed to their roots if they attend

Where Greatness Truly Lies

Parshat Chayei Sarah

The bulk of this morning’s haftarah focuses upon the rebellion of King David’s fourth son, Adoniya. Although the rebellion did not include a military conflict, it was nonetheless one that divided Israel and threatened its very future. The attempted coup included the

Rav Mordechai Djavaheri’s Birkat Rivka Shares Halachic Wedding Advice

In today’s busy world we need to maximize the mileage from the shiurim to which we listen and the sefarim from which we learn. Rav Mordechai Djavaheri, a Sephardic superstar senior rabbinical student at Yeshiva University, has written a compact, concise, rich and riveting review of the central issues involved with the Jewish

Parental Nachas

This week’s Musings are lovingly dedicated in memory of my savta, Mrs. Minnie Staum a”h, Shprintza bas Avrohom Yitzchok, whose yahrtzeit is on Friday, 17 Cheshvan.

A few weeks ago our family celebrated the upsherin (first haircut at age three) of our twins, Gavriel and Michael. Before their

Together We Are Better

It’s open house season! Parents are visiting schools, filling out applications and reading up on social media, preparing to decide where to send their children for the next 4-10 years. Wow, that’s a long time! Parents rightfully focus on the academics, hashkafa and social dynamics of a school when making this decision. However,

Hindi’s Libraries Book Donation to Honor Educator’s Memory

There is likely no task more challenging or fulfilling than honoring the memory of a loved one.

Dovid Kanarfogel has succeeded in bringing to life the memory of his wife, Long Island teacher Hindi Krinsky, by creating an organization that promotes what she valued

Yashar of Candia and His Equally Colorful Descendants

Since I briefly mentioned Rabbi Joseph Delemedigo of Crete in last week’s installment, I thought I’d elaborate a little bit more this week. Yosef Shlomo Rofe Delmedigo of Candia, Crete (1591-1655), better known as Yashar, was a colorful Jewish personality of the 17th century, what some might call a true

The Forgotten Jews of Ethiopia

In a sprawling valley among the mountains of northern Ethiopia lies a quaint city known as Gondar. Wandering the cobbled streets of Gondar, one will find chickens, stray dogs, sheep, goats, cows and close to six thousand forgotten Jews.

My story with Ethiopian Jewry is only a

The Unique Commentary of Shadal

Reviewing: “Shadal on Genesis” by Daniel Klein. Kodesh Press. 2019. Paperback. 617 pages. English. ISBN-13: 978-1947857308.

Samuel David Luzzatto (1800-1865) was the preeminent Italian Jewish Bible scholar of the 19th century. There are two main ways in which Shadal’s commentary is

Comprehensive English-Yiddish Dictionary Now Online

(Courtesy of Comprehensive English-Yiddish Dictionary)

“A lexicographic tour de force” (Sholem Zackary Berger, Moment magazine)

“A monumental achievement … indispensable” (David E. Fishman, Professor of History, JTS)

The Great Renegotiation

Most of us know the chilling details about the recent attacks on American shuls. But what’s not getting nearly enough attention is the spate of attacks against individual Jews in places like the streets and subways of New York City. Increasingly, Jews are in fear of immediate physical danger simply for appearing Jewish. We’ve