Monday, April 06, 2020

A teenaged hero from Lakewood who is currently facing serious illness has taken the kosher snack world by storm with a new healthy snack that he developed from his hospital bed.

Determined to be productive while dealing with his challenges, he created Shlomo’s Power Bites, a delicious, healthy, vegan, non-GMO, gluten-free snack. This young man had always been active and health minded. He had a unique appreciation for the value of maintaining one’s health and retaining adequate energy. As a person who always loved to help others, he decided to develop a unique snack that would provide energy to allow people to maximize their potential.

With his signature optimism and focus, this boy reached out to recipe developers and nutritionists, tasted and tinkered until he had a perfect product that not only tastes delicious but also provide distinctive health benefits and boosts energy.

Within days of the official launch of Shlomo’s Power Bites, world-renowned doctors attested to its benefits. They related that Shlomo’s Power Bites kept them more energized and focused than they’d ever been. Nursing staff consumed dozens of packages as they stood on their feet tending to patient after patient for hours, and hospital administrators couldn’t get enough of the irresistible flavors. Within weeks, word of the scrumptious snack spread throughout New York,

New Jersey and Pennsylvania, and orders for cases of Shlomo’s Power Bites rolled in.

One Lakewood resident declared after trying it for the first time, “After a long day at work, I’m feeling that energy already. It’s delicious and it gives you power.”

A doctor stated, “When I’m in an operation and I need some energy, nothing keeps me going like Shlomo’s Power Bites.” Another medical professional said, “During a long night in the ICU, nothing keeps me energized like Shlomo’s Power Bites.”

Famed singer Benny Friedman related, “As a singer, you spend hours on the road and being misameach at simchas. You use up a lot of energy. The best way to get that energy is Shlomo’s Power Bites.”

The determined teenager worked intensively to keep up with the demand, ramping up production and developing an efficient delivery process that gets orders to eager customers within a matter of days. Shlomo’s Power Bites are now available in some supermarkets throughout Lakewood. Thanks to one brave teenager’s inner strength and determination, hundreds have been empowered to follow their passions with energy and enthusiasm.

Shlomo’s Power Bites comes in multiple irresistible flavors: chili ’n’ lime peanut clusters; Dutch chocolate granola bites; cran-blue almond cashew clusters; ground cinnamon granola bites—and more flavors are in the development process!

Orders can be made by visiting https://shlomosPowerBites.com.

By JLNJ Staff