Monday, February 24, 2020


Teaneck Costume Gemach Prepares for Year Three

(Courtesy of Teaneck Costume Gemach) After two years of tremendous success, the Teaneck Costume Gemach is back for year three, providing exquisite Purim costumes to the Bergen County community. Although it started out with only 70 costumes, due to the influx of donations from the community and from friends as far as Brooklyn, the

Meet Stuart Meissner, Republican Challenger To Cory Booker

Stuart Meissner is on a mission and believes he has the life experiences and common sense ideas to make it a reality. “I want to make New Jersey residents proud of their senator. I won’t appeal to extremes on the left or right,” he promised.

Meissner is one of several

The Sounds of Silence

There can be nothing more tragic than a mental illness. Frequently, after a difficult day at the office, Mordechai would discuss his frustration over the severity of mental illnesses that interferes with a person’s everyday functionality. How many times did he say that a mental illness far surpasses the devastation of a physical

It’s Time to Truly Live

If you were to ask someone what gives them their inspiration, most would say something about an experience they had or maybe mention a few of their mentors. I wouldn’t imagine anyone saying the Holocaust.

I recently was given the opportunity of going on a week-long

What’s in a (Tanachic) Name? Part II

Manasseh in Egyptian

Thomas Kelly Cheyne, John Sutherland Black in Encyclopædia Biblica, similarly cite the possibility that the name Manasseh is derived from Menes, a common Egyptian name (Menes is considered to be the first king of a unified Egypt). Thus Manasseh would have had the

Brachot 24

May these words of Torah serve as a merit le’iluy nishmat Menachem Mendel ben Harav Yoel David Balk, z”l, and Meira Chaya Nechama Beracha, a”h, bat David Mordechai Fishel, sheyichyeh.

 He screamed and the thief threw the sefer Torah down and fled. Does he need atonement?

The Process of Geulah

Parshat Vaera

The navi Yechezkel, whose prophecy makes up our haftarah this week, served the Jewish community in Bavel both before and after the destruction of the first Beit Hamikdash. A younger contemporary of the prophet Yirmiyahu, Yechezkel also condemns Israel for her sins and emphasizes that the

Did the Israelites Borrow From the Egyptians at the Time of the Exodus?

I have read the relevant verses on this subject for decades without understanding them. It is time to finally explore this topic.

At Genesis 15:14, God tells Avraham that his descendants will be strangers and slaves in a foreign land for 400 years and that the nation that they served will be judged by

Finding the Right Career for You

If you came back from a year in Israel with college credits from seminary or yeshiva, but no clue what career path to pursue, you’re not alone. Excluding the few people who have always wanted to be doctors or those who have particular passions (for law, health sciences, engineering), so many young people find themselves anxious as they

Good Scholarship to Promote Jewish Unity: The Institute For Jewish Ideas and Ideals

(Courtesy of Institute for Jewish Ideas and Ideals) The Institute for Jewish Ideas and Ideals promotes an intellectually vibrant and inclusive Jewish vision to the broader community. Based on an unwavering commitment to the Torah tradition and to the Jewish people, it fosters an appreciation of legitimate diversity within

Unforgettable Shabbos of Chizuk Culminates With Dirshu World Siyum Melava Malka

It happened on Shabbos morning during krias haTorah at the Heythrop Hotel and Resort near Oxford, England. From my spot in the middle of the beis midrash, I noticed something out of the ordinary going on next to the sefer Torah. I couldn’t, however, figure out what it was. Suddenly, I heard a resounding “Amen.” The

The Execution of Alexander Karpov

Part 6

(Continued from last week)

Finally, in March 2018 I heard from USHMM. They were not able to find anything in their database on Alexander. To continue the research, they suggested I contact an organization that handles Soviet military