Saturday, July 20, 2019


Teaneck’s Stanley Stone Named Exec Director Of American Society for Yad Vashem

After 39 years of working within the Federated system, Stanley Stone has accepted the role of executive director of The American Society of Yad Vashem. On June 12, he replaced Dr. Ron B. Meier, who is retiring. This change of career for the 29-year resident of Teaneck speaks to a personal calling. “To me, Yad Vashem is the soul

The Lure of the Mountains

While out in Portland, Oregon, to meet his grandniece—my precious granddaughter—my brother Al seized the opportunity to ride with me on a short day trip to Multnomah Falls, along the Columbia River. Of my three older brothers, it is Al, 10 years my senior, who still speaks the most with me of our love of the mountains,

‘Shtisel’ Live: Celebrating a Much-Loved Story of Humanity

The question “What gives a story about haredi Jews in Geula a universal appeal and fervent fan base?” can’t be answered with a one-liner. On June 13, at Temple Emanu-El’s Streicker Center, the show’s cast and producer addressed this query. An audience of over 2,000 attended Shtisel: Screening and Discussion, moderated by

Anti-Semitism Before Hitler

Part 4

(Continued from last week)

Although many of the older teachers of the higher schools and universities initially pushed back against the encroaching Jew hatred, the younger teachers, pushed by the student organization, were in the forefront and

Beit Al Maqdas, The House of Prayer For All Nations That Omar Built

Part II

(Continued from last week)

The Jews, both the locals and the ones who joined the Persians in the conquest of Jerusalem in 614 CE, did not treat the city’s Christians with magnanimity. According to Christian accounts, Jews destroyed churches and

Art for Learning Specialty Camps Combine Creativity With Fun

What’s your idea of the perfect summer day? For Sheryl Intrator Urman, it’s sitting in Central Park under a blue sky, teaching students in her specialty art camps how to draw and paint. “I love exposing children to new experiences, like going to a museum, and then helping them create their own art

Feeling All the Feelings

What’s the lie that new parents buy into? I’ll say it out loud: That you will only feel positive things about your new darling, delicious, wonderful child. This narrative has made life much more difficult for parents than it has to be. Before I had my first child, I wanted so desperately to be a wonderful mother. I imagined

Drawers and Chairs Are a Must, Not Yet the Kitchen Sink

We were kind of astounded when we heard that kids today are bringing drawers and chairs and lamps and who knows what else to make their camping experience more comfortable. Doesn’t camp mean rustic? We remember packing a large duffel bag filled with clothing to which Nina had the annoying task of ironing on name labels, and that

Hold the Phone

I don’t think most of my younger siblings have home phones.

Sure, most of them are still in the apartment phase. But for instance, I have a brother who just bought a home, but he doesn’t have a home phone. If we want to talk, he has a cell phone that’s always on him, his wife has a phone

Shameful Shanda

Few things in Jewish life are worse than a “shanda.” A shanda is worse than vicious synagogue politics, intense machatenesta rivalry or missing an epic kiddush.

The term “shanda” is Yiddish and refers to a shameful scandal or, to put it slightly differently, something that is

Will My Children Remain Religious?

I thought kids could be raised on a compromising, cultural Judaism. I was wrong.

Editor’s note: This article was written from the perspective of a member of a “Dati Lite” shomer Shabbat community in Israel. Considerable social media discussion centered on its relevance for some Modern

Beit Shemesh Mayor Aliza Bloch Addresses Teaneck Parents

What made the Presbys, Carrs, Gertlers, Browns, Landaus and Ziffs, among other longtime Teaneck residents, shlep to Keter Torah on Sunday evening? They are all parents and most importantly “grandparents” of Beit Shemesh residents, and all came out to meet and greet newly elected Mayor Aliza Bloch, Ph.D. Some