Sunday, September 22, 2019


Italian Idyll VIII: Lava for Sale: Pompeii, Vesuvius and Neapolitan Negotiations

As the Rabinowitzes faced the reality of their Italian idyll coming to an end, there were still several tourist spots they wished to visit before heading home. In particular, an excursion to the ancient ruins at Pompeii, a climb to the top of Mt. Vesuvius and a shopping spree in adjacent Naples seemed a

How to Spot Another Frum Family on Vacation

One of the most fun activities, as a frum person on vacation, is to look around for other frum families on vacation. And of course to introduce yourself, even though if you ran into them at your local supermarket, you would never say a word to them.

I don’t know that people from out of town

Engagement Enlargement

In the Jewish world, and possibly the secular world too, there is a growing trend toward having large, epic engagement parties. These are pre-wedding soirées meant to celebrate those who, like a sailor working on a Clove Hitch or a boy-scout perfecting a Sheet Bend, have decided to tie the knot. Such engagement parties, like bar

Two, Four, Six, Eight...Who Does Camp Anshei Appreciate?

...the counselors! And support staff! These incredible leaders cared for and cheered the campers on so they could have a truly wonderful summer. It was really inspiring to witness their hard work and team spirit.

Al Haderech Boys Love Their Final Week

The final week of camp began with a fun trip to New Roc City. After, the boys set out on their second overnight trip to Maryland. In a few short days, they got a private tour of Camden Yards and the Babe Ruth Museum, visited Ripley’s Believe It or Not, went Duck Pin Bowling and enjoyed Ozzie’s Fun Center. They also enjoyed a Nationals-

Al Haderech Girls Have Awesome Last Week

The last week of camp was filled with fun activities. First, the girls were flying around High Exposure. Then, they headed off to their New Hampshire overnight. There they went fruit picking, hiked through Polar Caves, went tubing down a river and spent the day at Lake Compounce amusement park. On the last day,

Moshava Ba’ir Thanks Its Leadership Team

One of the defining characteristics of Camp Moshava Ba’ir is its investment in staff members. Many of its resources are dedicated toward exciting staff activities and meaningful staff appreciation, and the camp places a special emphasis on staff development. Camp staff recognizes that the summer is a time for growth, and the camp

Over 2,000 Celebrate End of Summer at Moshava Ba’ir

This past week marked the end of an incredible summer at Moshava Ba’ir New Jersey. It also marked the conclusion of MBNJ’s 10th summer of providing a warm and fun environment with an extensive range of top-of-the-line activities and an experiential chinuch program. The week was jam-packed with Olympiada, Dr.

Cleveland Indians All-Star Yasiel Puig Visits Camp Simcha

Cleveland Indians all-star outfielder Yasiel Puig paid a surprise visit to Camp Simcha in Glen Spey, New York. Puig signed autographs for the campers, danced with them and led a baseball clinic. Camp Simcha and Camp Simcha Special are Chai Lifeline’s flagship summer programs for children with cancer and chronic

112 NJ Teens Spend Summer of a Lifetime on Mach Hach BaAretz

Last Tuesday evening 450 teenagers and staff from tens of communities across the US and Canada, including 112 teens from New Jersey, departed from Ben Gurion Airport as different people than when they arrived there five weeks earlier. This was due to the unbelievable journey they took touring Israel on the Bnei Akiva summer

Camp 613 Goes Next Door For Dor l’Dor Experience

This week Camp 613 girls’ older bunks visited Fountainview retirement community to complete an art project with the seniors there. It was heartwarming to see how quickly the girls and the residents warmed up to each other. The girls and residents chatted as they beaded bookmarks, heads bent together in

Nachamu: But What Is the Comfort?

Parshat Va’etchanan

Shabbat Nachamu

The first pasuk of this week’s haftarah, that opens the 40th perek of Sefer Yeshayahu as well, marks a turnaround in the prophecies of the navi. Until this point, the messages Yeshayahu shared with his people were