Wednesday, November 20, 2019


JEC High School Faces Cell Phones Head On

The world is changing. It is moving faster than ever. Advances in technology have made our lives immeasurably more efficient and comfortable. Yet each innovation brings new challenges that need to be faced with reality and thoughtfulness.

Adults continue to grapple with the pace at which technology has

The Jewish Contribution to the Allied Cause During World Wars I and II

Part VI

In sharp contrast to the Arabs, the Jewish community of Palestine actively supported the Allied cause in both World War I and World War II. The Yishuv provided technical assistance, established espionage networks, assembled military production lines and even volunteered to fight in

Snake in the Grass...er, House

I think I have to figure out how to take care of a pet snake.

I didn’t ask for this snake. No one asks for a snake. It’s the kind of thing that just happens. For some reason, kids can’t find an animal somewhere and then just come inside and say, “Hey, we saw an animal.”

Lowest Level

In life, we sometimes give others a lift, a hand or an arm and a leg. Sometimes we give credit or a benefit of the doubt or we give it a rest or a break. All of this giving is important but in Judaism one of the crucial things to give is tzedakah.

The term ”tzedakah” is a Hebrew word that

Working Hard and Loving It

Part 1

During my teens already, throughout my adult working life, as well as during the later volunteer time, I have heard comments like “Take it easy,” or “Not so fast,” or “You are finished already?”

So now that I am out of my teens for quite

Stand Up, Not By

This week’s parsha discusses the destruction of Sodom. After Avraham’s visitors leave his tent to punish Sodom, we are told that Avraham was “odenu omed lifnei Hashem—still standing before Hashem.” The Gemara tells us that this “standing” is a form of tefillah, which immediately turns into Avraham trying to convince

The Idea School Clinches First Win in History

In their third game of the season, newcomers to the yeshiva league this year, The Idea School, claimed its first win in an exciting game against Westchester Hebrew High School. The final score was 36-30.

The Idea School started slow but solid team defense kept the score close throughout

Rep. Gottheimer Focuses on Bipartisan Efforts Toward Fighting Terror

By necessity, and with the help of their aides, members of the United States Congress become generalists who are familiar with and vote on a broad range of issues both foreign and domestic. Given the nature of their work, they have to be conversant with all the topics Congress addresses.


Teaneck Teen Idol Auditions Coming Soon

Announcing Teaneck Teen Idol auditions! Auditions will be held November 19 and 20 (Tuesday and Wednesday) from 4 to 7:30 p.m. at Teaneck High School, Room #244 (chorus room). The contest is open to all 13- to 18-year-olds living or going to school in Teaneck.

Rabbi Sam Frankel Extols the Benefits of Mindfulness

Rabbi Sam Frankel is passionate about his work. After the 9/11 terror attacks, Rabbi Frankel shifted the focus of his counseling services and public speaking to the theory and practice of mindfulness.

The idea of mindfulness is not new, but it has certainly gotten a great deal more attention in

The Occasional Caress From Hashem, and the Teaneck Eruv

xA Relish for Avodat Hashem

When taking my older children to visit the celebrated American Revolutionary War site Valley Forge, the guide taught us the secret of the success of the young American army’s famous German military adviser Von Steuben. She said that Von Steuben succeeded in

Finding Avraham

Parshat Lech Lecha

The opening pesukim of our haftarah are verses that immediately follow the haftarah of parshat Va’etchanan, the haftarah known as “Nachamu.” And although these pesukim focus primarily on the great distance that separates God and mortal man, they are meant to encourage