Monday, February 24, 2020


China, the Uighurs and Why We Should Care

Pittsburgh. Poway. Jersey City. Monsey. These are the locations of brutal, recent anti-Semitic attacks. And that list doesn’t include the myriad anti-Semitic incidents in the past few months in Teaneck, Brooklyn and even my hometown of Elizabeth. As Jews, when we’re under attack, we circle up and watch out for each other. We step up to

Ashkenazim and the Sephardic Pronunciation of Hebrew

Part 1

This piece will focus on how and why some Ashkenazic Jews—both religious and (later) secular—adopted the Sephardic pronunciation of Hebrew because they deemed it superior to the Ashkenazic one.

Sepharad in Ashkenaz

Takanas Hashavim

Reviewing: “Takanas Hashavim,” by Rabbi Daniel Yaakov Travis. Ohel Rabbeinu Yonoson Ublima Foundation.

Often people will (mistakenly) say something to the effect that there are halachic leniencies to do something for the sake of kiruv. Rav Elyashiv was often quoted as noting that the same Shulchan

Preserving Holocaust Memory

Highlighting: “Remaking Holocaust Memory: Documentary Cinema by Third-Generation Survivors in Israel,” by B. Liat Steir-Livny. Syracuse University Press. 2019. Paperback. 376 pages. English. ISBN-13: 978-0815636502.

In this work, Liat Steir-Livny, a senior lecturer in the department of

A Tale of Two Rivers: On the Sambatyon and the Hackensack

From time immemorial man has always wondered what awaited him around the next bend of the river, over the next ridge rising above him or in the valley stretched out below him. Quite often what awaited was more of the same terrain he had just traversed and, no surprise, he failed to

Teenage Pioneer Develops Healthy Kosher Snack Option From Hospital Bed

A teenaged hero from Lakewood who is currently facing serious illness has taken the kosher snack world by storm with a new healthy snack that he developed from his hospital bed.

Determined to be productive while dealing with his challenges, he created Shlomo’s Power Bites, a

A Bat Mitzvah Chesed Shared With Bayit V’Tikvah

Teddy Roosevelt once said: Don’t focus on what you don’t have and don’t focus on what your friends do have. Focus instead on where you are, what you do well, and who you are in this very moment. Be thankful for that.”

How can a trip across the world and a cute pair of

אולפן עברית

Learn the words in Hebrew to figure out the joke below:


Moti met Danny when he was cutting the grass. Danny asked Moti, did your dad promise you a reward for this work? Moti replied that his father promised him a reward if he didn’t (a polite way to say punishment).

Teacher’s Corner: One of the students

Quezon’s Game: The Movie—A Must See

In 1938, the young president of the Philippines, Manuel L. Quezon, at great risk to himself and his family and in the face of often insurmountable obstacles, obtained 1,200 transit visas for Jews in Germany and Austria about to be taken to concentration and death camps. His original determination to obtain 10,000 visas was thwarted

Petachya’s Gedelim Beyachad: Serving Israel’s Special Needs Children From Birth Onward

For more than 20 years Petachya has been changing the lives of special needs children and their families by providing a comprehensive range of high quality educational and therapeutic services to those with developmental delays, Down syndrome and other disabilities. By placing a special emphasis on mainstreaming special needs

Offended by J Street Leader’s Actions Toward Abbas? Vote For ZOA Coalition

(Courtesy of ZOA) Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) President Morton A. Klein and ZOA Chairman Mark Levenson, Esq. released the following statement:

ZOA is deeply offended that J Street’s leader, Jeremy Ben-Ami, physically embraced and double-kissed Holocaust-denying Palestinian Authority (PA)

All Torn Up

One thing that never sat well with me was the idea of bribing children to do good things. Prizes for brushing your teeth, mitzvah notes for not hitting your sister, and cash awards for cleaning your room. You’re supposed to be good for nothing—I mean, without pay!

The truth is, though, that it’s