Sunday, September 22, 2019


My Summer Internship At Sharsheret

This summer I had the privilege of working as an intern at Sharsheret. Prior to my internship I was familiar with Sharsheret’s mission, support programs and resources. I had attended the annual gala benefit, participated in Pink Day and Sharsheret Cake Wars. I was eager to spend my summer in a meaningful way: supporting women,

JCC Chuck Guttenberg Center Plans Annual Field Day Event and Barbecue

(Courtesy of Guttenberg Center) The Chuck Guttenberg Center for the Physically Challenged at the Kaplen JCC on the Palisades will host its annual Special Games on Sunday, September 22, from 12 to 2:30 p.m. This field day provides individuals with disabilities, ages 4-70, with the opportunity to engage in physical activity

‘93Queen’ Debuts Online

(Courtesy of Cargo Films) ‘93Queen,’ the critically acclaimed documentary about a group of rule-breaking women in an Ultra Orthodox Jewish community, debuted on iTunes, Amazon, Vudu, Google Play and DVD on September 6.

‘93Queen’ is a story about women’s empowerment in a neighborhood

Hersheypark Is Keepin’ It Kosher

(Courtesy of Hersheypark) Changes are happening at The Sweetest Place on Earth! This past season saw the transition of on-site kosher food offerings, as Hersheypark acquired the privately owned Central Pa’s Kosher Mart after over 20 years of dedicated service. While it has been revamped a bit, the core

BoothDweller Banners Will Transform Your Sukkah

Tired of the same old tired, laminated Sukkah banners? Consider decorating your Sukkah with BoothDwellers banners! Some are funny, some are serious, but all are vibrant and will light up your chag.

Banners come in four different sizes (12x24, 24x48, 36x72, 48x96) and can also be

Enjoy the Beauty of the Palisades on This Loop Hike

The Palisades of the Hudson River are a great place to hike. But most loop hikes along the Palisades involve hiking down to the river and then climbing up again. One exception is this loop hike to the south of the State Line Lookout. This 3-mile easy to moderate hike does involve a descent and then a

Wayfind Careers Welcomes Susan Nadritch to the Team

(Courtesy of Wayfind) Wayfind, an organization whose mission is to empower young people with the clarity and confidence to make wise, informed career decisions, is thrilled to welcome Susan Nadritch to its team.

Since its inception in 2016, Wayfind has worked with young people to choose career tracks

Elie Y. Katz, second from left, meeting with Jewish leaders from around the state and Colonel Callahan of the NJ State Police to discuss house of worship safety and preparations for the upcoming holidays.

Turn off That Smartphone, Mom and Dad

(Editor’s Note: In light of the recent announcement and recently named Screening Our Future campaign initiated by the six Bergen County yeshiva elementary schools about kids and device use, the Jewish Link has  committed itself to publishing relevant articles on this important topic on a regular basis. The article below is

The Mufti’s Meeting With Hitler in Berlin

Part II

As German historian Peter Longerich explained, when Hitler met the Grand Mufti on November 28, 1941, at the Reich Chancellery in Berlin, Hitler informed him that Germany was “resolved to urge one European nation after the other, step by step, to contribute to the solution of the

Keys to Happiness

Most people don’t think about their keys that much, except when they lay down for an afternoon nap.


The thing about key chains is that they’re designed to dig into you. You’re basically carrying around a ring of tiny saws in your pocket. I

Mezuzah Madness

The mitzvah of the mezuzah is a fascinating concept. The Jewish People are told that they should affix certain passages to their door-posts and this applies to the doors of their homes, offices and other places of occupancy. So while Jews are not required to hang up their coats or hats (take that mom!), they must hang up their