Saturday, July 20, 2019


Author Amalia Hoffman Visits Camp Shemesh

Author Amalia Hoffman came to Camp Shemesh and held an interactive workshop with the campers about her book “Astro Pea.” “Astro Pea” is about a pea who is tired of living in a pea pod so he jumps out of his pod and goes on an adventure to outer space on a carrot spaceship. All the vegetables turned into stars and planets in

Moshava Ba’ir Has Unbelievable Week Four

The camp was filled with ruach with week as chanichim played awesome sports and had legendary lunch dance parties! Following the chinuch theme of “Moshevet Chazal,” this week at camp we are focusing on the moadim, specifically, Shabbat! Chanichim made art projects, played games and sang songs that reflected

Camp 613 Tie-Dye Day Is Full of Colorful Fun

Camp 613 campers of all ages (and their counselors!) loved Tie Dye day! The amazing array of colors and patterns which emerged from campers’ creations were astounding! It was so much fun to unfurl each item and see how the colors formed such varied and beautiful designs. The best part is now the campers get to

HASC Hosts Visiting Day

Gan Yaldenu Tots of Bergenfield Goes to the Jungle

Camp Shalom Always Has a Great Time With Friends

MTA Rebbeim Reunite With Talmidim at Camp

MTA rebbeim and staff were excited to reunite with talmidim at Camp Dora Golding, Shoresh, Magen Av and Camp Kaylie! It was great catching up with talmidim and watching their continued growth and success over the summer.

Anshei Lubavitch Enjoys a Carnival Day

Camp Keshet Holds Blood Drive

Camp Keshet held a blood drive was on Wednesday, July 12, at their building in The Young Israel of East Brunswick. Campers were on hand to greet all the donors with smiles.

Summer Playland Princesses Are Having a Blast

The Playland challenge is: How much fun can you pack into a week?

This week campers went on five different trips, had two shows, bunk day, water olympics, tutu day...and also participated in martial arts, gymnastics, Zumba, inflatables, sports leagues, art, scrapbooking and

How to Optimize Your Office with Limited Space

 Many of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs started out with humble beginnings. Hey, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniack started Apple in a small garage in Silicon Valley. And you’ve likely heard about how Mark Zuckerburg launched the first

Lessons My Stroke Taught Me

Ten years ago, on July 7, at the young age of 6, I suffered a stroke. I was eating breakfast when I spilled my cereal, stood up and stumbled and then smiled at my parents with half of my face. Thank God, although there were aftershocks, this was the only stroke I suffered. I was in miraculous condition when I walked out of the