Thursday, May 23, 2019


The Bitter and the Sweet

“על הדבש ועל העוקץ על המר והמתוק”

“The honey and the stinger, the bitter and the sweet.”

(From the song על כל אלה)

This past week when rockets pummeled our southern communities

OHEL’s Xtreme Challenge Goes High Tech

With OHEL’S Online XTreme Challenge (OOXC), 

you can experience the thrill of victory without breaking a sweat!

(Courtesy of OHEL) On Sunday, May 19, over 500 individuals will participate in OXC, OHEL’s annual mud-run

The Wonder of Kiruv

Often we discuss how special it is to meet so many baalei teshuva who have turned their lives around through Judaism. Frequently we told our children that a boy who grows up in a family where he sees his father put on tefillin each morning, either at home or when he leaves for shul, does not deserve half as much credit as the young

Remembering Grace Rosenzweig, z”l

This year, on Isru Chag HaPesach, we commemorated my mother’s 10th yahrzeit. In truth, though, we lost my mother many years before April 2009. For several years my mother suffered from Alzheimer’s, perhaps one of the cruelest diseases of all, and ultimately had a stroke, which left her in a non-communicative

Ridgewood Gilbert & Sullivan Company Presents ‘H.M.S. Pinafore’

The Ridgewood Gilbert & Sullivan Opera Company is proud to lead off its 82nd season with “H.M.S. Pinafore,” one of the most popular collaborations of the Victorian-era British theatrical partnership of the dramatist W.S. Gilbert and composer Arthur Sullivan.

The Ridgewood-based troupe will be

Midreshet Torat Chesed Is Motivating Rachel Berk

Rachel Berk is studying at Midreshet Torat Chesed in Netanya. She grew up in East Brunswick, attended RPRY for elementary school and Kushner for high school. In the summers she attended Camp Nageela. Her family davened at Young Israel, where she was a youth group leader for many years. They recently made

Pesach: The Post-Game Analysis

In the weeks leading up to Pesach, or really any holiday, Passaic becomes a bustle of excitement. There is just something in the air. You can feel like something big is happening. Every trip to the grocery or cleaners is another chance for a stop and chat. (By the way, the term stop and chat has been coined by family. It used to

A Holocaust Memorial in Tennessee

Part 2

(Continued from last week)

So much mail now was received in Whitwell that the mail carrier could not handle the deluge of envelopes and packages and asked the school to pick up the mail at the post office. So many clips arrived

You Too!

We now return to the fertile topic of “expressions that annoy me,” which is growing ever bigger the older I get.

And I’m not just talking about expressions that people say specifically to annoy me, such as, “You’re old!” My brother frequently says this just because I’m older than

Rabbinic Renewals

Few jobs are more demanding than that of the pulpit rabbi. It essentially requires being at the congregation’s beck and call all year long, twenty-four hours a day. If pulpit rabbis were allowed to bill by the hour, then there likely would be a marked increase in applications to rabbinical school.

Make Something New Using the Colors and Strips of the Israeli Flag

At this time of year, you can barely turn around before another day related to Israel pops up on your calendar (are your white school shirts clean and ready?). Rather than making another Israeli flag, I thought it would be interesting to use the shapes from the Jewish star on the Israeli flag as the base of a creative

Shabbat Shalosh

You know those amazing days you wish would never end? That’s exactly how Chana and Chezky Challah felt about Shabbos. Maybe it had something to do with their last name, maybe not. Either way, Chana and Chezky loved Shabbos so much they kept it longer than required. At first, it was starting Shabbos as early as possible each week.