Wednesday, November 20, 2019


Modiin Teen Raises Money for Playground for Autistic Children

An incredible initiative was undertaken by Gadi Schreiber (nephew of Rabbi Chaim Poupko of Ahavath Torah in Englewood), a 13-year-old boy from Modiin, Israel, who took upon himself a bar mitzvah project to bake and sell cookies in order to raise money to help build a new playground for autistic children and succeeded in

Happy Five-Year Anniversary

Five years ago this September I was sitting on my deck, out of work, yet not ready to retire. I was eating my lunch and reading an AARP article about Barbara Reich, the self-prescribed “Queen of Clean.” Two pages later I could feel the hair on my arms standing on end, and I knew I had hit on something life-changing. The article

Who Were the First Ashkenazim?

Broadly speaking, Ashkenazim are descendants of Jews who migrated (or were expelled by the Romans) from Judea to Mediterranean Europe (what we now call Italy, Greece and the Balkans). The population eventually expanded into Western, Central and Eastern Europe.

Ashkenazim and native Italkim and

Why November Deserves to Be Israel History Month

When we ask students to identify the most pivotal day in modern Israeli history, most if not all will answer the 15th of May, 1948. Indeed, that is the day when the nation marked its independence and the point where Zionism transformed from a quest for nationhood to a fight to preserve it.



Part 3

(Continued from last week)

But again, my laziness reared its head and I kept thinking about that problem. I said to myself, I give charity to various organizations, including hospitals, so why not donate these discs to Hackensack? I very proudly

Moving Into the ‘Hahbuh’

I just came across a news article titled, “Massachusetts Is Considering Leaving the Eastern Time Zone.” And good for them. It’s about time.

Apparently, in the last couple of years, the government of Massachusetts formed a commission to talk about changing their state to an earlier time

Glorious Gap

What does it mean to take a “gap year“? Does it mean that you spend your year working for an American clothing company specializing in basic ensembles that are perfect for yeshiva dress-code compliance? No, but wouldn’t the employee discount alone make this a worthwhile endeavor?

For the

Making Space for Children to Find Their Way

The call to Abraham, with which Lech Lecha begins, seems to come from nowhere: “Leave your land, your birthplace and your father’s house, and go to a land that I will show you.”

Nothing has prepared us for this radical departure. We have not had a description of Abraham as we had in the

Governor Murphy Encourages Participation in ‘Girls Go CyberStart’ Competition

(Courtesy of njohsp.gov) State Governor Philip D. Murphy is urging New Jersey’s high school girls to participate in the 2020 Girls Go CyberStart challenge, a skills-based competition designed to encourage high school girls to pursue cyber-based learning and career opportunities. This innovative program, created by the SANS Institute,

The Right Kind of Fame

Parshat Lech Lecha begins with Hashem trying to motivate Avram to leave his homeland and travel to an undisclosed location. One of the ways he convinces Avram to do this is by promising “‘v’agadla sh’mecha—I will make your name great.” In other words, Hashem promises Avram that he will be famous. What kind of lesson is

Teaneck Residents: Let’s Elect Elkaryani and Ramirez to Board of Ed

This week’s edition is our annual election edition, and as always we encourage and ask all of our readers to get out and vote this coming Tuesday. Although there are no congressional seats up for grabs and the presidential election is a year away, there is a very important election in our core town of Teaneck: the Board of

Yeshiva Day School Students Must End the Silence on Alcoholism

Editor’s note: Below is a heartfelt call to action written by a high school senior at one of our local yeshiva high schools. We know this young man and have been in touch with his mentors, who do not doubt the importance of this issue and wish to support his efforts. We have removed some identifying information from his article because we wish to be sensitive