Sunday, September 22, 2019


Awaken and Recognize the Geulah

Parshat Shoftim

“Arise, Hashem, and don Your might as you did in earlier generations,” cries Yeshayahu HaNavi in the verses that precede this week’s haftarah. Only then, the prophet declares, “Uf’duyei Hashem yeshuvun uva’u Tziyon b’rinah…” “will those, redeemed by God,

The Meanings of ‘Shotrim,’ ‘Pras’ and ‘Kikar’


This word is the second word in this week’s parsha. It appears many times in Tanach. But what does it mean? It is usually translated as something like “officer.” But in Akkadian (another Semitic language), the verb “sh-t-r” means “to write.” Also, we all know the Aramaic

No Planning Required

Recently we had the good fortune of attending a very special celebration, honoring the marriage and commitment that two friends had made to each other. They had no time to plan a wedding. In fact, the groom was in Stanford, California, working on a post doctoral fellowship, and his bride was in Montreal teaching. Their intention

Facing Elul When ‘Nachamu, Nachamu Ami’ Is Not Enough

I was sitting in shul for kinos on Tisha B’Av morning, and looked around the room and thought about how we define destruction in our own lives. The kinos are difficult to understand, but the objective of reading them on Tisha B’Av is to somehow relate to the pain that was felt when the Beis Hamikdash was destroyed. The kinos

Rav Soloveitchik on Prayer

Reviewing: “Rabbi Joseph Dov Soloveitchik on the Experience of Prayer,” by Dov Schwartz. Academic Studies Press. 2019. English. Paperback. 498 pages. ISBN-13: 978-1618117199.

The fact that Rabbi Joseph Soloveitchik was one of the greatest Talmudists of his era is well known. What Dov

Travel Recap From an Organizer’s Perspective

We are back from our cruise that we planned in January. This was a big trip for us; we were going to be away for two weeks, our longest time spent away from home. Lots of planning went into it, including balancing my work schedule to accommodate clients’ on-going needs and goals.

There were a

‘September 11, 2001:’ A Poem by Susan Borger

Editor’s note: Susan Borger served as director of personnel and human resources for the Orthodox Union from 1991 through 2006. She was commuting to work on the last subway train to enter the World Trade Center before its collapse on the morning of 9-11-2001. Susan passed away in November 2018 after a three year battle with

Camp Malchus Launches Plans for Summer 2020

Coming off a highly successful 2019 season, Rabbi Reuven Hoff, founder and director of Camp Malchus, invites the community to reserve their space for summer 2020. With early registration by September 15, campers will receive free hot lunch along with their summer fun.

Over 6,000 Students Enjoy Bnei Akiva Summer Experience

(Courtesy of Bnei Akiva) Since the first Moshava Bnei Akiva camp opened its doors in the 1930s, the Machanot Moshava and Bnei Akiva summer programming have been servicing thousands of youth across the U.S. and Canada every summer, in addition to Bnei Akiva’s year-round programming reaching thousands of chanichim

Mesorah Celebrates 30 Years of Amazing Summers

Camp Mesorah, a Modern Orthodox sleepaway camp located in Guilford, New York, celebrated its milestone 30th year this summer. Led by owner/Director Rabbi Ari Katz and Director of Campuses Deena Katz, Mesorah marked the anniversary with special guests, events and programs. In addition, over the

Poroches at KAJ

Part 1

The fact that I am writing on this subject should certainly not be interpreted by the reader to mean that I have expert knowledge in this field. I am writing about the poroches at Congregation Khal Adath Jeshurun in Washington Heights not only because I have memories

Oral Support

I got the feeling that I don’t take my kids to the dentist often enough when, on their way out of their latest appointment, they were handed toothbrushes, and one of them said, “That’s not a prize. I already have a toothbrush.”

So clearly we’re missing something.