Sunday, September 22, 2019


Please Help Me Help Yad Leah

My name is Miri Kaplan and I love to bake! Last year, in honor of my bat mitzvah, I ran a bake sale raising money for Yad Leah, an organization that sends clothes to Israel for underprivileged families. This past June I had the opportunity to visit a Yad Leah store in קרית ארבע. Yad Leah distributes their

Visit the ‘Little Library Box’ for All Your Reading Needs

How many times does Erev Shabbat arrive and you realize it would be great to have a new book to read? Are your children tired of all their books and want to read something new and different? The Rosenfeld family, of Wilbur Road in Bergenfield, has found the answer.

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Teach NJ Rejoices as Gov. Murphy Signs STEM Funding Bill

For the second time in 2019, the Teach NJ organization scored a major legislative victory. On Friday, August 23, New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy signed into law S. 2660, which creates a grant program to help fund the salaries of public school teachers of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) who also teach these

The Haftarah for Shabbat Rosh Chodesh Elul

This coming Shabbat we are faced with a dilemma as to which haftarah to read. On the one hand, Chazal (Megillah 31a) teach that on Shabbat Rosh Chodesh we read HaShamayim Kisi, the last Perek of Sefer Yeshayahu, which in part discusses Rosh Chodesh. On the other hand, Tosafot (Megillah 31b s.v. Rosh Chodesh) cite the pesikta, a

Repentance and Renewal

Shabbat Rosh Chodesh
Parshat Re’eh

This Shabbat is Rosh Chodesh as well, and as a result we take a “break” from the series of “consolation” haftarot (sheva d’nechemta) to read the final perek in Sefer Yeshayahu, a selection that ties into the theme of Rosh Chodesh. The

Psalm 22:1: What Is ‘Ayelet Ha-Shachar’?

This psalm begins: “la-menatzeach al ayelet ha-shachar mizmor le-David.” What is the meaning of “ayelet ha-shachar”? Rashi here gives four interpretations, and Radak gives five!

Literally, “ayelet ha-shachar” means: doe of the dawn. A doe is a female deer. (That song from “The Sound of

Bonus Features

When I leased my car, I chose it based on body style, comfort, price, and that it had good reviews. I looked at several different cars but when I found this car, I knew it was the “one.” I’m not sure if there’s a Bas Kol that your soul hears when you find the right car like there is when you find your bashert for marriage,

RVW Wealth Launches The Jerusalem Portfolio™ to Empower Investors to Own a Stake in Israel’s Thriving Economy

(Courtesy of RVW Wealth) RVW Wealth LLC has announced the launch of The Jerusalem Portfolio™ (TJP), a new investment vehicle that will empower individuals, foundations and institutions to carve out a portion of their portfolios to reflect their values by owning a stake in Israeli-focused companies.

The Challenge of Maximizing Priorities

Years ago at a conference of Federation execs and Jewish communal workers, we played a version of Monopoly. Instead of real estate and utilities, we played for communal priorities. The challenge was how to decide which priorities merited the greatest investment, which were the most important. On top of that each player had only a

Israeli Couple From NY Starts Chesed Initiative in Jerusalem

As Batsheva Rosen Weisinger described it, she’s had a vision since her days in seminary of an innovative project that would benefit people in need in Jerusalem while also cutting down on unnecessary waste. When the opportunity presented itself years later, she and her husband, Zevi, knew they had to

Mining Melachim With Rabbi Jachter and His Students

Reviewing: “From David to Destruction: Mining Essential Lessons from Sefer Melachim,” by Rabbi Chaim Jachter. Nachum Krasnopolsky, editor. Kol Torah Publications, 2019.

Learning Tanach is a pleasure at any phase of life; gleaning the layered lessons of our great books and interpreting the

Memorializing the Shoah

“Remaking Holocaust Memory: Documentary Cinema by Third-Generation Survivors in Israel,” by Liat Steir-Livny. Syracuse University Press. 2019. Paperback. English. 337 pages. ISBN-13: 978-0815636502.

In this work, Liat Steir-Livny, a senior lecturer in the department of culture at Sapir