Saturday, July 20, 2019


Anshei Lubavitch Day Camp Has Summer Fun

Rabbi Neubort and Rabbi Elli get soaked at Anshei Day Camp Dunk Tank.

Camp Kef Swim Time = Fun Time

Swim lessons and summer fun at Camp Kef!

Moshava Ba’ir Has Week of Smiles and Fun

Campers had so much fun learning all about Seder Moed and the chagim in camp this week! Chinuch was paired with other camp activities such as Nagarut (woodworking) where campers made bencher holders! The eidot also had an incredible time on all their trips, including tubing, Urban Air, Van Saun Park, The Beast,

Gan Yaldenu Tots of Bergenfield Celebrates America’s Birthday

The children of Gan Yaldneu Tots celebrated July Fourth with lots of red, white and blue. Each child enjoyed walking through the school making noise with the instruments they made. They danced to all different American songs and finished off the week having a July Fourth Shabbat party.

Camp 613 Ice Skating Program Is Truly Cool

Camp 613 loves to ice skate! This weekly activity (twice a week for grades one through eight, and weekly for the preschoolers) is a favorite amongst all ages. Campers have an opportunity to do free skate, instructional skate, play ice hockey and, at times, a dance party on the ice even breaks out! What a fun, cool

Fun at Camp Summer Playland Continues

Another incredible week has passed at Camp Summer Playland. Juniors used their strength and muscle to climb high at High Exposure. Teens used their artistic talents to create delicious flower pots. Third graders enjoyed ice cream cones during their first overnight with Morah Sara.

Al Haderech Goes to the Max

For summer 2019, Camp Al Haderech started a brand new program! Al Haderech MAX takes their regular travel camp to maximum levels. Girls, grades four to eight, enjoyed the first week on the four day overnight to Western Pennsylvania. They visited Pittsburgh, Punxatauny and so many other interesting places. The many

Gan Henel Outdoors Crosses the Pond

Gan Henel Outdoors campers traveled to the UK. They enjoyed a tea tasting and painting, created tea pots and double decker buses and sang some ‘long live the queen’ songs in music.

 Mastering Personal Finance as a Retiree

By the time you finally reach retirement, you’ll have already spent decades preparing, planning, and investing in your future retirement fund. But just because you hit your financial goals early doesn’t mean that you can slack off. Even in retirement, it’s crucial that you stay diligent and on top of your finances.

Gearing Up for Bicycle Safety

Now that summer is in full swing, everyone is heading into the great outdoors for fun and fitness. For children, nothing is more appropriate for summer than taking a bicycle ride out for an afternoon adventure. Children get important cardiovascular exercise from bicycle riding, as well as a chance to experience the

An All-American Eruv in Champaign-Urbana

One of my favorite eruvin, with which I help nationwide, is the eruv created in Champaign-Urbana. Rav Shlomo and Rabbanit Ahava Schachter serve as the Orthodox Union’s JLIC couple on campus at the University of Illinois Champaign Urbana (home of the famous Fighting Illini) and work tirelessly to enhance Orthodox Jewish life on

Respect and Reason

Parshat Korach

As in numerous readings of past weeks, we find the message left by our haftarah to be taught by both comparison and contrast. In our parsha of Korach we read of the rebellion led by Korach (actually by two separate groups) against the leadership of Moshe and Aharon respectively, just as