Thursday, February 20, 2020


Friendship Circle Gets Rave Reviews for Winter Break Day Camp

Paramus—The Friendship Circle, which in Bergen County organizes events and social engagement opportunities for children and teens with special needs, while at the same time offering opportunities for teens to volunteer with them, is celebrating its eighth season of winter camp for its participants.

Zeesy Grossbaum, director for the past 10 years of Bergen

A Better World Brought to You by Filmmakers Leta and Dave Lenik

My husband and I spent a recent work holiday doing what many Bergen County Jews did on that day off.  We went to the movies.  However, these weren’t just any movies.  We were fortunate enough to be invited to visit the rustic Suffern home of Leta and Dave Lenik, filmmakers and founders of Better World Productions. There along with some of the

Rabbi’s Musings (and Amusings)

There is a sign on my office wall which reads “Hurt people hurt people.” It is a very true and powerful statement. When we feel confident and comfortable with ourselves we generally will not be critical and negative towards others. It is when we are feeling lowly about ourselves that we look to “even the score” by making negative or nasty comments

The Way We Were; The Way We Are: The B’nei Akiva Reunion in Israel

My wife and I recently came back from Israel where we spent quality time with our son, Meir, who is serving in the IDF’s Givati Brigade and attended a B’nei Akiva reunion for my age group, Shevet Moriah, established at Camp Moshava in 1968.

It was a gathering of former members of a special youth movement who went on to become productive members of

Using Books to Boost Kids’ Ties to Israel

Los Angeles—The Israeli-American Council’s Sifriyat Pijama B’America (SP-BA), which provides free Hebrew children’s books to families in the United States, has partnered with Storyly, a new online platform for children’s Hebrew stories, to offer Israeli parents across the United States an innovative, fun way to improve their children’s Hebrew

The Rabbi’s Musings (and Amusings)

Our family enjoyed this past Shabbos at my parent’s home. Now that our children are getting older, they enjoy rummaging through my things that are still in my old room (there’s a reason most of that stuff is still there). Among his other finds, our oldest son, Shalom, was most intrigued by a trophy which had a depiction of a man in karate-kick position

Teaneck Son is Sharpshooter, Explosives Expert in Golani Brigade

Teaneck -- Pinchas Shalom Silberstein, 22, studied at Moriah and TABC, went to Yeshiva in Israel at Netiv Aryeh, and now he’s a lone soldier in the Golani, an elite brigade of foot soldiers that is the most highly decorated and exclusive infantry unit of the Israel Defense Forces. “I’ve earned the right to say this is my country, this is my

The Move Over the Bridge

“So what made you move now?” This was the question du jour when my family and I moved to Teaneck six years ago. People were curious because we weren’t at that typical stage in life when most people buy homes for growing families. Having spent a long time living in Riverdale, we felt like comfortable big fish in a medium sized pond withstanding the

My Story of Care in the Heart of Jerusalem

While visiting Israel this past June, I experienced sudden cardiac arrest.

Fortunately for me, I was with someone who knew CPR and they immediately called for a defibrillator and an ambulance. Although I was closer to another medical center at the time, the decision was made to take me to Shaare Zedek Medical Center because of their superb heart

Keene, Kaliningrad and Riga: Confronting Memory

I travel for my work; I travel often—my wife and children might say too often. Just before Chanukah, I was in Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, Canada, New Hampshire, Washington, D.C. and then back home. A hectic schedule is of little interest, but what I experienced might be.

November marked the 75th anniversary of the Third Reich’s pogroms of 1938, still

Building the Third Temple: Making it Real

Jerusalem—As the Jewish calendar passes Chanukah and continues into the month of Tevet, an unusual transformation unfolds. Less than two weeks ago, Jews worldwide were celebrating a holiday of victory and unity, of rebuilding and returning. Yet on the tenth day of Tevet, these same individuals are in mourning.

Over two millennia ago,

Charter of Whose Rights?

It is hard to believe that in the short period of time since we moved to New Jersey from Montreal so much has changed in Quebec. The distance in driving is about six hours—it is a one hour flight, but the distance in democracy and freedom is becoming more and more mind boggling each day.

The current government in power in the Province of Quebec recently