Thursday, April 09, 2020


To Beach or Not to Beach

As we wheel our carry-ons into the airport lounge in Ft. Lauderdale, my eyes are drawn to the T.V. over the bar. The words are snaking across the bottom of the screen ominously.

Winter Weather Advisory: Entire Northeast blanketed with early snow. Freezing temperatures expected through the week.

“Are we insane?” I ask my husband. Here we


Technology and Tradition: Yiddish Theatre’s Younger Generation

Many in the Boomer generation (and a bit younger) grew up in Jewish homes where Yiddish was the language of secrets. “We never learned any Yiddish or much about the period between the Second Temple and the Holocaust,” notes “Motl” (Matthew/Mordechai) Didner.

Following graduation from New York University with a degree in theater (1995), Motl helped found


Cycle for Unity Unites Participants in “Charity-of-Choice” Model

Rabbi Ari Solomont thinks a bike is the best vehicle for raising money earmarked to benefit good causes. The former Bostonian recently launched Cycle for Unity to revolutionize Jewish activism and philanthropy in a unique “charity of choice” model. He rolled out this initiative to get young adults and professionals energized about connecting to


Marry Me Now, Love Me Later

A young man in his late twenties recently told me: “I don’t want all the tea in China. All I want is someone to love—and to love me.” A young woman said that she was so bursting with love that she couldn’t bear it any longer. Indeed, one poet believes that it is better to love than to be loved.

“The pleasure of love is in loving. We are happier in


Meet the Jewish Matchmaker-In-Chief

Pittsburgh—Tova Weinberg will do anything to make a match—even adopt a dog. In an interview from her home in Pittsburgh, Weinberg, the matchmaker who co-founded the Jewish dating website SawYouAtSinai.com (SYAS), recalled her confusion when a man whom she thought was in a relationship asked to come to her Chanukah party for singles. Asked why he would attend a


In Search of Me Time

When was the last time you stopped to smell the roses, the coffee aroma, or whatever tickles your fancy and pleases your senses?

A few months ago, shortly before a holiday, needing to escape the confines of a steamy kitchen after several hours of cooking, I dropped the spatula in the sink and headed straight to the nail salon, thinking that it would be empty


Dancing With the Stars

People who are close to me already know the awful truth, but this is the first time I am publicizing the sad fact that I suffer from a medical condition known as Severe Exercise Allergy or Gym Aversion Syndrome. I’ve been like this ever since my skirt fell off during gym class in second grade. Since most people have never heard of this condition they tend to


Friendship Circle Gets Rave Reviews for Winter Break Day Camp

Paramus—The Friendship Circle, which in Bergen County organizes events and social engagement opportunities for children and teens with special needs, while at the same time offering opportunities for teens to volunteer with them, is celebrating its eighth season of winter camp for its participants.

Zeesy Grossbaum, director for the past 10 years of Bergen


A Better World Brought to You by Filmmakers Leta and Dave Lenik

My husband and I spent a recent work holiday doing what many Bergen County Jews did on that day off.  We went to the movies.  However, these weren’t just any movies.  We were fortunate enough to be invited to visit the rustic Suffern home of Leta and Dave Lenik, filmmakers and founders of Better World Productions. There along with some of the


Rabbi’s Musings (and Amusings)

There is a sign on my office wall which reads “Hurt people hurt people.” It is a very true and powerful statement. When we feel confident and comfortable with ourselves we generally will not be critical and negative towards others. It is when we are feeling lowly about ourselves that we look to “even the score” by making negative or nasty comments


The Way We Were; The Way We Are: The B’nei Akiva Reunion in Israel

My wife and I recently came back from Israel where we spent quality time with our son, Meir, who is serving in the IDF’s Givati Brigade and attended a B’nei Akiva reunion for my age group, Shevet Moriah, established at Camp Moshava in 1968.

It was a gathering of former members of a special youth movement who went on to become productive members of


Using Books to Boost Kids’ Ties to Israel

Los Angeles—The Israeli-American Council’s Sifriyat Pijama B’America (SP-BA), which provides free Hebrew children’s books to families in the United States, has partnered with Storyly, a new online platform for children’s Hebrew stories, to offer Israeli parents across the United States an innovative, fun way to improve their children’s Hebrew