Saturday, July 20, 2019


The Rebbe Who Knew How to Find Diamonds

Do you know how to find a diamond in the dirt? If you want to find the diamond, you will need to be persistent and be ready to spend a long time looking for it. But most importantly, you will need to know how to look past the dirt and focus on the diamond.

This Shabbat marks the 25th yahrtzeit

Judi Stern, My Mom

A few weeks weeks ago, I lost one of the very best friends I will ever have: my mom. ~ Judi Stern / יוטא בת יהושע.

Judi Stern, wife of nearly 65 years to my father, mother to my brother, sister and myself, unwavering giver of love, support and very occasionally gentle advice

SignTalkers Launches Operations in Israel

(Courtesy of Signtalkers) SignTalk Foundation, a U.S.-based non-profit organization that promotes, fosters and advances public awareness of the signing community, celebrated the international launching of its online social network, SignTalkers, in Jerusalem last night with a signed performance by New York-based poet and

The Art Lesson

On a trip to Europe, John bought a painting. He really didn’t know much about art, but he shelled out $25,000 because one of his trusted friends told him it was a good buy. “Hold on to it for 10 years or so, and it will probably triple in value,” the friend said.

It seemed like his friend

Anti-Semitism Before Hitler

Part 5

(Continued from last week)

These proposals were delivered to the Reichskanzler as well as the Kaiser, who rejected them completely, fully realizing what the consequences for Germany would be. But the rejection of these ideas was not as a defense

Google Arts and Culture Creates Anne Frank Exhibit

Google Arts and Culture, in partnership with the Anne Frank House, has created a virtual exhibit of Anne Frank’s home in honor of what would have been her 90th birthday. The exhibit includes a unique look into Frank’s childhood home before she and her family went into hiding. There is an opportunity to explore her bedroom as

Italian Idyll II: Rome, Carlo the Bellman and the Italian Chariot

Jake slept well that first night in Fiuggi. He and his wife arose about 7:30 to get an early start on their busy day. Jake had planned a tour of Rome as the day’s activity, with the ancient sites and the famed Jewish Ghetto as the central attractions.

Why Not?

I want to take a moment to address one of the most pertinent problems of today, as measured in the amount of mail I got this month.

I got one letter, and it was from an 8-year-old. He asked me some basic questions, such as how I got into writing, and which book I like best. I’m not going to

Simpatico Seclusion

One special feature of a traditional Jewish wedding is the Yichud Room. It is a private room for just the bride and groom in which only the groom and bride may go inside.

At Ashkenazic weddings, the Yichud Room comes immediately after the chuppah and before the reception. At Sephardic weddings,

Camp Kef Visits the Bronx Zoo

Camp Kef’s Ma’alot had a blast visiting the Bronx Zoo! Campers are having the greatest time at camp—whether they are home or on a field trip! It’s been a super fun first week!

Union Y Enjoys First Day of Camp

Camp Gan Yaldenu of Teaneck Has a ‘Beary’ Fun Week