Saturday, July 20, 2019


Camp Regesh Has a Blast

Camp Regesh campers were off to a great start playing hockey, riding pedal carts, swimming and having a blast with friends!

Camp 613 Celebrates Silly Sock Day

Bahrain Summit May Be Breakthrough for Israeli-Gulf Cooperation

One of the unexpected side-effects of the American-led peace initiative currently being held in Bahrain, is the opportunity for a number of Israelis - including journalists and businessmen - to meet with the country's high-ranking officials.


Campers at Anshei Love Lucky Duck Day and Robotics

Find ‘Relief’ When Dealing With Mental Health Issues

There are some topics we’ll talk about constantly but the topic doesn’t seem to warrant so much discussion. And there are other subjects that nobody wants to talk about, but likely should. This is one of the dilemmas those who suffer from mental illnesses struggle with.

Avi and Gila

What the Trump Peace Plan Cannot Accomplish

When the Trump administration released the economic portion of its Middle East peace plan last week, the avalanche of criticism was immediate and harsh. Even though the president’s foreign-policy team couched the plan as a “vision” of peace rather than an intricate blueprint, its critics weren’t wrong in pointing out that

Chizkyahu HaMelech’s Trove of Artifacts

No other figure in Tanach has nearly as many surviving and discovered artifacts as Chizkiyahu HaMelech. The tunnels he dug to divert the waters of the Gichon to flow within the city of Jerusalem have survived intact and are visited by many thousands each year. The inscription at the midway point of the tunnel has been discovered

Spies? But Why?

Parshat Shelach

When discussing this week’s haftarah, the story of the spies sent by Yehoshua, the most troubling question that is often asked is why would this greatest student of Moshe Rabbeinu seemingly repeat the very “mistake” of his teacher, the one of which we read in the parsha.

Golda Meir: The Early Years

Part I

We have a book in our shul library: “My Life,” an autobiography by Golda Meir. I thought it would be interesting to summarize the early years of her life, based on this book. The summary will span two columns.

Golda Mabovitch was born in 1898.

Plan Accordingly

Sunday afternoons during May and June are dedicated to Pirchei Baseball. Every grade has its own teams and games. As the boys get older, the games become more competitive and intense, especially for the parents. That’s why I really enjoy watching the pre-1Aers, the youngest boys, play; their games are pleasant and unpressured. I

Sharing Gratitude

Being an administrator in a Jewish school entails many intricacies and daily decisions, large and small. In the hustle and bustle of day to day life, we sometimes get wrapped up in the minutiae because they are important to the smooth daily running of a school. Days are filled with constantly visiting classrooms, meeting with

A New Form of Anti-Semitism Through Social Media

The recent surge in technological usage has created a place for hateful statements to be made without repercussion. Celebrities, politicians and other idolized social media personas have taken this opportunity to voice their controversial opinions through their large public platforms. However, these outlets are not the only source