Tuesday, February 25, 2020


Q&A With Ashley Blaker: His Life, Comedy and Newest Show

Ashley, you’ve been in comedy for many years. When did you find out that you are “funny”?

My parents tell me that when I was 3 years old, while waiting for my brother’s school carpool to arrive, I would start the day with something called Rude News. This basically involved me sitting

Welcoming Your Neighbor

Many communities go through transitions. One ethnic group moves out, another moves in. Most of the time the transition occurs smoothly. Sometimes there is conflict. The same can be said of most societies. By and large our global communities and urban cities are multi-ethnic. Prejudice does unfortunately still rear its ugly head even in our

A Message in Disguise

The world is reeling from the tragic death of Kobe Bryant. It amazes us that everywhere we turn, the discussion is whether or not the Bryant party should have flown in such dense fog, the great loss to the world of sports or why a celebrity of his stature chose to travel everywhere by helicopter. Yet what really should be the topic on most

What All Businesses Need to Know About Political Activity

With the Iowa Caucus only a few days away, the public will soon turn its full attention to the 2020 presidential election. If 2016 is any indication, the 2020 presidential race promises to be heated and divisive. The following article provides an overview of what all businesses need to know about political activity.

The Golem to the Rescue: The Return of the Golem

Part 2

Over the next week, Dr. Schwartz, as promised, sought out employment opportunities for Reb Nachman in the local vinegar trade, only to fail to find anything meaningful locally. Through a referral to a chemist friend in Easton, Schwartz discovered that while Philadelphia offered little of

AMIT to Celebrate 95 Years At Annual Mission to Poland

(Courtesy of AMIT) AMIT’s 95th Anniversary Mission to Poland and Israel in May 2020 promises to be an extraordinary experience, showcasing AMIT’s many accomplishments and the chance to meet Israel’s leaders and students, while enjoying a dynamic itinerary brimming with culture, arts, food, athletics, high-tech and

A Modest Proposal

Allow me to make a modest proposal—no, not related to the tuition crisis, although while I am here, wouldn’t it be more efficient if all the schools and shuls got together and created a buying group to negotiate better deals on tissues, office supplies and possibly insurance? Just saying, think about it.

Operation Benjamin

Part 1

We always see on television and hear on radio the expression “There is breaking news.” Sometimes there really is, but many other times it is just a rehash of the breaking news of the previous program.

I am taking the

 אולפן עברית 

Learn the words in Hebrew Learn the words in Hebrew to figure out the joke below:

egg – בֵּיצִים (בֵּיצָה)   

price – מְחִיר

cents – אֲגוֹרוֹת (אָגוּרָה) 

whole – שְׁלֵימָה (שָׁלֵם) 

Computers 102: It’s a Software Problem

We now turn to part 2 of our tutorial on how to set up your new computer, mostly based on second-hand knowledge. We started this topic last week, and are just now up to the part where you get to turn the computer on.

This is all very exciting.

Because the thing is

Schmatta Show

Most reasonable people agree that there is nothing fashionable about a schmatta. If someone tells you that you are wearing a schmatta, you probably should be insulted. Even if you intentionally label your fashion sense as grunge or bohemian, you still do not want to be accused of “rockin’ a schmatta.” Even Fagin’s motley crew in

Free Will

What does it mean for someone to have free will? Is it simply the ability to choose? If so, free will is something that animals and humans share. The same way a person chooses to eat breakfast in the morning, so does his or her dog. Unless you open a person’s or dog’s mouth and force the food down, they are choosing to eat the food.