Wednesday, July 17, 2019

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Couple Heads to Montreal With Link Vacay Tips

The Drama and Intrigue of Kings II

Highlighting: “II Kings: In a Whirlwind,” by Rabbi Alex Israel. Maggid Books. Koren Publishers Jerusalem. 2019. English. Hardcover. 412 pages. ISBN: 9781592644940.

The Book of Kings narrates the turbulent history of Israel from the Temple’s construction until its destruction and the national exile. In “II Kings: In a Whirlwind,” Bible

Yavneh Academy Takes Graduation Trip to Niagara Falls

The Yavneh Academy Class of 2019 enjoyed their graduation trip to Niagara Falls and Canada’s Wonderland!

Hods to Be Honored at YIOT 20th Annual Dinner

The Young Israel of Teaneck (YIOT) will celebrate its 20th annual dinner on March 10. This year’s guests of honor are Janet and Lior Hod. The Charlie Gartenberg Memorial Service Award will be given to Elana and Eli Katz, and Danny Daurio, local mail carrier, will be the first recipient of the

Succeeding at Succession: Moshe’s Appointment of Yehoshua

A leader’s greatest challenge is conveying a legacy to future generations. This may involve identifying the next leader or executing a well-thought-out transition. Parshat Pinchas teaches some important lessons on how leaders can create effective 


When Should You Cancel (or Postpone) Your Special Event?

Part II

When we left last month’s cliffhanger, I described how close I came to cancelling, or at minimum postponing, a major golf tournament. Thanks to nerves of steel and help from the One Above, many months of planning were not wasted and we had an eminently successful event that made lots

Global One Jewish People Project Initiative To Launch on Yom Yerushalyim

Yom Yerushalayim, which will be celebrated on Sunday, May 13, will also herald the kick-off of

The One Jewish People Project campaign, whose goal is to rally Jews across the wide span of observance and affiliation to unite with one simple idea – to make the world a better place, together!  The unique project  has earned wide-spread support from

Escape From Alcatraz, Part 3: Avoiding Becoming Shark Food

There are three ways to know where you are going when you swim in the open water:

  1. 1. Follow the bubbles

Swim “on the heels” of someone who is going at your pace. Their propulsion will create bubbles. The only danger of

RKYHS Chess Team Continues Undefeated Season

The RKYHS chess team extended its amazing season this week with an incredible 14-0 win over Ma’ayanot. The team is undefeated so far this year, having already defeated both Frisch and SAR, and they are looking forward to continuing their winning streak. With a lot of young talent on the team, it is poised for strong seasons

Statement of Passaic-Clifton Kashrus Regarding Jin Restaurant

The mashgichim at Jin restaurant, located at 227 Main Avenue in Passaic, recently raised questions regarding certain procedures at the restaurant. Passaic-Clifton Kashrus has determined that these matters merit investigation and, effective January 8, 2018, suspended its

Levana Kirschenbaum Displays Newest Products at Kosherfest

At this year’s Kosherfest, Levana Kirschenbaum displayed her newest venture, all-natural meal replacement products. Levana has been a household name for many years. Born in Morocco, her cooking career began in Manhattan with her eponymous restaurant, Levana, a staple on the Upper West Side for 32 years. She was a pioneer

Real Heroes

It was undoubtedly one of the most exciting days of my pre-married life.

In 2000, I was one of the older bachurim in the beis medrash program of Yeshiva Shaarei Torah. At one point during that winter, the rosh yeshiva, Rabbi Mordechai Wolmark, and many of the rebbeim went to Eretz Yisrael, each