Monday, January 27, 2020

Although most machine-made matzo for Passover sold in the US is manufactured in Israel, with the exception of Streit’s, the leading Israeli selling brand was Yehuda, which also led all sales in the 5 lb. box category, according to Nielsen data. Imported by Kayco (Kedem), the sales growth of Israeli matzo is noteworthy. Streit’s remains the only domestic manufacturer of Passover matzoh. Even leader Manischewitz no longer manufacturers in Newark but in Israel with its special method of baking the matzos. Despite some demographic shifts, matzoh sales have soared in the US, topping $100 million a year. Handmade Shmurah have also made huge strides growing by as much as 15%. Yehuda Matzos are produced by Moshe Ludmir & Sons Ltd. The Ludmir family began baking in Zfat in 1921, moving to Jerusalem in 1949. Yehuda has emerged as the leading bakery for machine-made matzos with some of the best kosher certifications in Israel.