Tuesday, February 25, 2020

(Courtesy of Nosh and Nibble) NOSH & NIBBLE, is the first and only online kosher cooking show for kids, by kids, and about kids. The web series ran in December 2019 and is available for viewing on Kosher.com, along with hundreds of kosher food and lifestyle videos presented by top chefs and experts. The series was cocreated with PJ Library, a program that offers free Jewish-themed books to young readers.

Inspired by the appearance of Rachel Goldzal (champion of Food Network’s Chopped Junior) on Kosher.com’s Sunny Side Up with Naomi Nachman, NOSH & NIBBLE puts kids at the helm and invites young viewers into the kitchen to get excited about creating their own recipes and crafts. The series centers around a rotating cast of creative tweens and showcases these energetic hosts as they serve up kid-friendly recipes, demos, cool kitchen hacks, and crafty activities, all with a hearty dash of shenanigans.

“What’s unique about this show is that the kids are the stars, and they can completely take ownership of what the show becomes,” says Jenna Grunfeld, a Kosher.com producer.

The first three episodes star Rylee, a bubbly 11-year-old from Woodmere, New York, who loves riding roller coasters and putting french fries on pizza. She is excited to be the first NOSH & NIBBLE host and equally thrilled about the series. “You don’t have to watch adults make foods that aren’t necessarily for kids,” she says.