Wednesday, April 08, 2020

Just past the railroad tracks, in the shopping center opposite the Bergenfield Post Office, lies a hidden gem of a farmer’s market. Complete with a wide variety of quality produce, packaged kosher baked goods and vibrant, fresh flowers, the newly opened World Farmer’s Market is not only a perfect pre-Shabbat grocery stop, but also a spacious and enticing atmosphere to shop in as well. In addition to the fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables, eggs and milk, dried fruit and nuts, and packaged kosher baked goods, new items and special deals are added each week at reasonable prices.

When walking in, the aisles are noticeably wide with a clean, open look; the produce is at chest-level for shopping convenience; and calm music is playing in the background, creating a pleasant and rejuvenating ambiance. The customer service reps are constantly offering assistance and are sociable and caring at the checkout. “They helped me pick out a mango...showed me a ripe yellow mango instead of my usual green,” noted one happy customer.

On your next quest for quality produce and great prices, drop in at the World’s Farmer’s Market at 26 Portland Avenue, Bergenfield, NJ; it is sure to be well-worth the visit. Please note Shabbos specials on flowers.

By Aviva Jacobs