Monday, April 06, 2020

A faster way to cool down with a glass of iced coffee this summer: Cold coffee concentrates make coffee on-the-go, hot or iced. Maxwell House has developed an iced coffee concentrate, housed in a 1.62 ounce travel-sized bottle, that boasts the ability to make ten cups of coffee. The coffee concentrate is available in several flavors: Vanilla, caramel and house blend, and is certified kosher by the OK. Trader Joe’s has also developed a cold brew coffee concentrate, which is kosher pareve under the Star-K certification. Each 32-ounce bottle is made from half a pound of Arabica coffee beans that are coarsely ground, filtered and brewed, and the bottle makes 12 eight ounce cups of coffee. Because it is very concentrated, it is best to serve coffee concentrate diluted according to package direction, with milk and, if desired, over ice. Maxwell House iced coffee concentrates are available at many area grocery stores, and Trader Joe’s cold brew coffee concentrate can be found in the coffee and tea section of Trader Joe’s.