Thursday, April 02, 2020

Our family knows that in Bubbie’s freezer there is always a vast selection of flavors of ice cream. Usually there are at least a variety of seven. However, we are fortunate that in this area there is no dearth of places to go to fill your ice cream desires.

Although flavors abound in each locale far and wide, upon doing a survey of the most popular one, vanilla still comes in as the primary favorite. How can that be, we ask ourselves—it seems so boring! Yet, it is true! Check it out.

Walking or riding down ice cream lane, those who are visiting the Garden State Plaza can always take a break at Sixteen Handles for a refreshing sojourn. On to the Bergen Mall for the more frugal shopper interested in outlet bargains, one has a difficult time choosing between Baskin Robbins, where the Jamoca Almond Fudge is irresistible, or Frozen Peaks where the choices of soft yogurt are often too difficult to make. My favorite is a combination of vanilla with a mango sorbet or raspberry sorbet. It is sort of reminiscent of a Creamsicle for those of you who remember what they are. I have a feeling that they might still be in existence!

Englewood appears to be the city with the most diverse choices of ice cream adventures. Early on there has been Tasti D-Lite on N. Dean Street, and you are able to go online daily to check out the flavors they are featuring. Their low-fat yogurt is a mere 70 calories per four-ounce serving.

Right across the street and up the block on E. Palisades Avenue, also in Englewood, your choice becomes more difficult to make. Step into Ben and Jerry’s where Cherry Garcia and Half Baked are their top two flavors. I am actually surprised, as I am a major fan of New York Super Fudge Chunk!

Directly two stores away, also on E. Palisades, is Is-A-Berry, featuring many flavors of non-fat frozen yogurt.

Here is the most amazing news about the ice cream stores in Englewood. If you choose to go out for dinner and visit Humus Elite on E. Palisade and decide to have a pareve meal, you can just walk across the street and have an amazing dessert! What could be better than a falafel plate followed by a dish of Chunky Monkey!

Continuing on to Grand Avenue in Englewood, everyone’s favorite old-fashioned parlor has to be Ice Cream on Grand. Many yummy flavors, amazing cakes, petite and charming cones... everything in the store is under the Kof K supervision. With a lovely outdoor area to relax, you have your piece de resistance! Rumor has it that Chocolate Seduction is the favorite at this establishment. My husband loves the Sugar-Free Pistachio and says that you could never tell that it was sugar free! Be sure to bring with you the weekly discount coupon available in the Link each week.

Closer to home we have the choice of flavors at Poppy’s where TCBY has branded itself the “country’s best yogurt.” I remember the days when it was just about the only frozen yogurt available to the kosher consumer!

Yo-Delight on Teaneck Road has frozen yogurt under the OU supervision.

Try the soft ice cream at Bumbleberry, where each day a new and different flavor might be available. The advantage here being you can always walk off the calories by biking home instead of driving if you reside in the Teaneck area.

Please be sure to note that in some stores, not all of the toppings or flavors are kosher. It is important to check it out and not take anything for granted!

Oh my gosh, I am now so in the mood to get in the car and have a sampling of several of the above, too bad I am fleishig. Instead I will meander down to my freezer and have a dish of Trader Joe’s Cherry Chocolate Chip pareve ice cream. You’d never know!

By Nina Glick