Wednesday, April 08, 2020

Kosher Meals Now Available at Logan Airport

(koshertoday.com) Boston – Of the approximate 53 million passengers who pass through JFK International Airport in New York, at least 1 million eat kosher. Such was the guess of a kosher caterer seeking to introduce kosher fare at the busy airport. One leading travel agent guessed that the number was at least twice that given the fact that this is a group that is notorious for frequent flying, particularly to destinations like Israel and Florida. There is some kosher food at the CIBO concessions at the Jet Blue Terminal at JFK, but not a lot. A number of sources told Kosher Today that kosher food is coming to an airport near you. In Boston, Herris Gourmet recently announced that they are supplying their OU Kosher-certified food products to the Hudson News retailer in Terminal E of Logan International Airport, through a distribution deal with York Street Caterers. “We are thrilled to be able to now offer our customers a choice from a line of great OU Kosher-certified food items, including sandwiches, wraps, salads, fruit, breakfast items and desserts,” said Valerie Bennett, general manager of Logan Airport’s Hudson News.

47th Street Foods Creates Healthier Options for Burritos

(koshertoday.com) Waukon, IA – Kosher burritos, like many other popular gourmet and themed foods, is no longer a novelty, but a kosher burrito that claims to be healthier, is. At 47th Street Foods (www.47thstreetpizza.com), a natural, kosher food manufacturer in Waukon, IA, it was recently announced that it was introducing a natural burrito with no artificial additives or preservatives and are hormone free. A burrito is a type of Mexican and Tex-Mex food, consisting of a wheat flour tortilla wrapped or folded into a cylindrical shape to completely enclose the filling. Their seven- and eight-ounce microwavable burritos come in several varieties: black bean, brown rice and cheese; Tex-Mex black bean, brown rice and cheese; and Lemonito with Pico de Gallo. All varieties include 47th Street’s own award-winning artisan cheeses, handcrafted by 47th Street at their Wisconsin farm. Kosher certified (Cholov Yisroel) by Star K certification based in Baltimore, the burritos are now available in supermarkets, independent stores, and natural groceries throughout the country.

In addition to the burritos, 47th Street Foods manufactures all-natural frozen pizza and chili. Yosef Abrams, 47th Street’s Artisan Cheesemaker, explains that most of the company’s products come about as a result of customer support. That is how the new pepperoni-style “Foni Roni” pizza came about. It’s their own meatless meat substitute that is soy- and tofu-free, and definitely one of the first of its kind in the kosher world. What’s next on the horizon? Gluten-free pasta.

Campers Learn to Make Choices at a Kosher Restaurant

(koshertoday.com) East Stroudsburg, PA – Amongst all of the magnificent experiences a camper can enjoy over the summer at Camp Dora Golding in the Poconos Mountains including go-karts, gym and waterfront, Chef Yo’s Restaurant is definitely a winner. On a given night, Chef Yosef Oldak invites the campers to place an order, as they would in a high-end restaurant. They can choose from Mordy’s Mouth-Watering Mains, to Aidel’s Awesome Appetizers, Jonny’s Jolly Drinks and end with the Dungeon’s Daring Desserts. The dishes all have fun-loving names like Reuvy’s Resplendent Hamburger, Avi’s Amazing Egg Rolls, Chef Kray’s Crazy Lemonade or Josh’s Jubilant Ice Cream. Camp Director Alex Gold prides himself in out-of-the-box activities for his campers. For foodservice, the summer camps are a lucrative piece of business with some estimates putting the number in the Catskills alone at well over $35 million, sans the revenues from the campers’ dining at Chef Yo’s Restaurant.

‘Roving’ Rabbis Spread Across Rural U.S. on Kosher Mission

(ynetnews.com) Two young Orthodox Jewish rabbis have traded their studies in Brooklyn for the back roads of the rural northwestern state of Montana, where they are teaching the far-flung faithful how to keep kosher. Eli Chaikin, 23, and Dovid Lepkivker, 25, call themselves the roving rabbis. Their mission is to reach as many of the state’s approximately 3,000 Jews as they can in a month. Their message is a gentle one, more of a nudge than a push, in what are at best loosely organized Jewish communities where relatively few people strictly follow the dietary laws. “Any step you take is a positive step,” Chaikin said. “It’s not all or nothing.”

Chaikin and Lepkivker are affiliated with Chabad-Lubavich movement. A Montana-based Chabad rabbi, Chaim Bruk, said he invited them to help him honor the 40th anniversary of a worldwide campaign to promote observance of the kosher laws by the influential Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson, known by his followers as the Rebbe. “We’re celebrating a 40-year milestone when the Rebbe started this idea,” Bruk said. “I decided to rock Montana with that.” The roving rabbis have visited more than 60 homes in Montana since July 7, many of them cold-calls to people they had only learned about by asking around town or from someone the next town over.