Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Montreal – June 17, 2013 - The Hebrew Academy in Montreal Parents Association is proud to announce publication and availability of its first-ever cookbook, “And then there was Cake: desserts to enjoy & impress.”  The book, which was created as a fundraising tool for the school, has grown to represent the varied backgrounds of families who send their children to Hebrew Academy in Montreal, and can be appreciated by pastry and dessert bakers worldwide. Flavored with a French accent, “And then there was Cake” offers a mix of Sephardi and Ashkenazi recipes, sprinkled with a wide array of internationally inspired tastes. Recipes were submitted by parents in the school, tested by the various members of the parents association’s cookbook committee, and ultimately by the professional chef and food stylist Jacques Faucher.

More than simply a collection of dessert recipes, “And then there was Cake” is a valuable kitchen resource for beginners, busy moms or even experienced chefs, all of whom will find something to suit their palates. Clear instructions, tips and a “Try This” series of options ensure that even the most difficult-sounding recipes can be executed with ease.  A project that was started more than three years ago by five parents in the school, “And then there was Cake” has “truly become a labor of love,” according to Hebrew Academy parent Muriel Cohen, one of the book’s editors.

“This is ultimately a way for us to give back to the school for all that it provides for our children,” said Vanessa Fallenbaum.

Fallenbaum, Cohen,  Jordana Levy, Chaya Lieberman and Vera Priesler became the five co-editors of this lovingly curated collection, seeing it through to publication this past year.

The cookbook is now at ha-cookbook.com.