Friday, December 06, 2019

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Special Purim Recipes: Hamantashen and Nunt

New recipes appeal to me, and I love to try new foods. However, when Shabbat or Yom Tov comes along, my first priority is the traditional foods that my grandmothers, z”l, used to prepare. With Purim looming, my thoughts have turned to hamantashen and nunt.

Everyone knows what hamantashen are.

Delicious Three Seed Cookies

You may be like me. I had seen this recipe many times and never really thought about making it. One day the idea of a five-ingredient cookie sounded intriguing. We now love these and keep them as a healthy staple in our home at all times.

Give it a try and let me know what you think.


  • 1 cup pumpkin seeds
  • 1

Dancing With the Fishes

How Naftali Engel is making herring ‘hipster’ again.

You never know when something heimish, something many Jews may associate with old-fashioned, staid Jewish fare, like herring and crackers, will somehow turn high-end and hipster. One millenial,

Weigh Less Eating Cookies? Yes, It’s a Thing

Abie Maltz, proprietor of WeighLess Cookies, is all over the map these days, literally. His cookies have taken the market by storm and are flying off the shelves in Teaneck; Elizabeth, his hometown; West Orange; Monsey; Great Neck; Riverdale and elsewhere. His products are even in stores in Florida and Maryland and are sought after

‘Mocha Crème’ Launches at Mocha Bleu

Teaneck restaurant renovates to welcome new coffeehouse and patisserie.

Fresh baked pastries, new organic house coffees, croissants and muffins, not to mention gelato-topped crepes, smoothies and milkshakes, and two types of grab-and-go savory sandwiches, are

Grand & Essex Throws ‘Gala Kiddush for 6,000’ This Shabbat

Grand & Essex’s director of culinary operations, Yitzy Elbaum, has launched a crazy endeavor to celebrate the Bergenfield kosher market’s sixth anniversary. Elbaum is overseeing the staff as they create a drop-off gala kiddush for at least 25 shuls and synagogues in Teaneck, Bergenfield, Paramus, Fort Lee and

Sipping and Nibbling at KFWE 2019

The 2019 New York City Kosher Food and Wine Experience, hosted by Royal Wine Corporation, brought together over 400 kosher wines, many with their winemakers on hand, and some of the area’s most delicious kosher food for the trade, media and consumers to sample. While most of the same

Kosher Crops Aims to Create the ‘Cleanest, Freshest’ Salad Greens

While leafy greens contain essential vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber, they are particularly susceptible to infestation. Unwashed greens commonly house tiny insects such as aphids, thrips, leafminers and cabbageworms. Checking salad greens for these charming creepy crawlies takes a lot of time for many

Bubbe’s Sour Cream Cake

This recipe comes with a shoutout to my grandma, my kids’ bubbe, Edna Lichtman, z”l. She was one of those old-fashioned cooks who had recipes memorized and couldn’t give you exact measurements, so many of her most delicious dishes cannot be replicated. She “cooked with love,” and that love made everything she

Bimbo Bakeries USA Reinstates Some Kosher Certifications

In a statement emailed to Jewish Link and JNS staff last week, Bimbo Bakeries USA announced that products under the Arnold, Sara Lee and Ball Park brands will again be produced under kosher certification.

“As three of our largest brands, many of which are distributed nationally, Bimbo Bakeries

What? No Flavored Coffee in Israel?

I was lucky enough to spend Yeshiva Week in Israel, visiting my middle son who is spending his gap year at a yeshiva in the Old City. A trip to Eretz Yisrael is always a meaningful experience, but this time I was fortunate to have my youngest child with me. His bar

Recipes, Tips and Prayers Connect the Norene Gilletz Facebook Family

Who would have imagined in 1968 that a woman who revolutionized the world of kosher cooking in Canada, with the cookbook she compiled for the Mt. Sinai Chapter of B’nai Brith Women, would become a household name for gourmands and chefs throughout the world? “Second Helpings Please,” Norene Gilletz’s first