Saturday, January 25, 2020

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What? No Flavored Coffee in Israel?

I was lucky enough to spend Yeshiva Week in Israel, visiting my middle son who is spending his gap year at a yeshiva in the Old City. A trip to Eretz Yisrael is always a meaningful experience, but this time I was fortunate to have my youngest child with me. His bar

Recipes, Tips and Prayers Connect the Norene Gilletz Facebook Family

Who would have imagined in 1968 that a woman who revolutionized the world of kosher cooking in Canada, with the cookbook she compiled for the Mt. Sinai Chapter of B’nai Brith Women, would become a household name for gourmands and chefs throughout the world? “Second Helpings Please,” Norene Gilletz’s first

Bimbo Bakeries USA Reinstates Some Kosher Certifications

In a statement emailed to Jewish Link and JNS staff earlier this week, Bimbo Bakeries USA announced that products under the Arnold, Sara Lee, and Ball Park brands will again be produced under kosher certification.

“As three of our largest brands, many of which are distributed nationally, Bimbo Bakeries USA is confident that kosher consumers will be

No-Work Crockpot Vegetable Soup

Are you looking for an easy, delicious soup recipe to feed your family on those cold winter Shabbats, but you are maybe just a little tired of the old standbys? That was where November found me as well. After all the holidays, no one wanted chicken soup, and how much pea soup can you really eat? Then there is tomato soup:

Wandering Que Feeds Teaneck

This past Sunday, Cedar Market in Teaneck hosted the pit boss himself, Ari White, and his team at The Wandering Que. Hungry carnivores were treated to delicious sausages and smoked meats. The newest item on the menu was debuted—BBQ Brisket Pizza!

Kosher and French: Tasting Côtes du Rhône Wines

Part I of III

In an effort to better understand the wines in today’s kosher marketplace, we decided to go back to wine’s oldest, still existing physical roots. French wine has, for centuries, been the standard to which other wine has been held. Understanding

Wholesome Spiced Applesauce Muffins

A yummy Shabbat dessert doesn’t have to be to unhealthy, and putting in a bit of extra fiber into a flavorful muffin is hard to even notice. This no-nuts muffin is a little nutty in flavor due to the flaxseed or wheat germ, but the spice notes are really what make this muffin great. I always double this recipe and make a loaf

Chocolate-Dipped Scottish Oatmeal Shortbread

This recipe is a combination of an old McCall’s Magazine recipe from a book my mom got for her wedding, and an oatmeal shortbread recipe from a blogger I used to follow. Though oatmeal is a whole grain, I can’t exactly look you in the eye and tell you this is health food, but I do feel better about serving these than say,

Great ‘Under $25’ Israeli Wines to Enjoy in 2019

As much a privilege as it is to taste wines for work, it’s a true joy to recognize a well-crafted, affordable wine. The vintner’s craft of making good table wine is as old as the Bible, but to do it inexpensively, well, that is a different art entirely. Here are five great wines I’ve found

A Sweet New Moroccan Treat

One of the pleasures of attending Kosherfest is learning about the newest foods on the market. As I walked by the display of Meska Sweets I was attracted to the familiarity of Moroccan treats displayed beautifully on platters. Naturally I was happy to try a few bites of these melt-in-your-mouth desserts, speaking

Bergenfield Planning Board Approves Lidl Plan for ACME Property

On November 19, the Bergenfield planning board unanimously approved the plan submitted by Lidl, a German-based supermarket chain with over 10,500 stores in 29 countries, for the former ACME and Pathmark property on New Bridge Road in Bergenfield. The purchase had closed on October 1. Lidl recently opened New Jersey stores

OU Kosher Has 'Productive Meeting' With Bimbo Bakeries USA

The following statement appeared on the OU Kosher Facebook page on Friday, December 14:

Bimbo Bakeries USA & the Orthodox Union had a productive meeting on December 13, 2018. We are confident that working together we can meet the bread and buns needs of kosher