Wednesday, April 01, 2020

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The Honeyed Rose: A Trifecta of Simanim in a Cocktail Glass

The other day I was putting together my Rosh Hashanah shopping list, and as I looked at the first three items on the list—apples, honey and pomegranates—I thought to myself, “that combination of flavors should make for a tasty cocktail.” After tinkering at the bar for a while, the results, I believe, have proved me

Juicing With ‘The Good Neighbor’

In today’s culture, where kale is a superfood and green is a lifestyle, the juice bar concept is trending. The Good Neighbor, a premier juicer, recently opened and already has health and wellness junkies lining up for a daily dose of goodness. Julia and Delano Dowdie, owners of The Good Neighbor, are busy serving up

Delicious Dessert Recipes for Rosh Hashanah

Honey Cake (very large)

Preheat oven to 325°F.

Make a well of these ingredients in a large bowl:

  • 3 cups flour
  • 3 teaspoons baking powder

Playa Bowls in Franklin Lakes Adds Kosher Certification

Playa Bowls, the national acai bowl/smoothie shop chain, has announced its Franklin Lakes location is now kosher certified by National Kosher Supervision under Rabbi Aaron Mehlman.

Playa Bowls has a completely customizable menu of made to order superfruit bowls, smoothies, juices and oatmeal bowls. It

Fair Lawn’s Zadies Bakery to Reopen This Sunday

It’s been a long and busy eight weeks for the Steinberg family, the owners of Zadies Bakery in Fair Lawn. Two months ago, a car accidentally plowed through the front of the store and the retail part of the bakery has been closed ever since. The Steinbergs pledged to all their customers that they would be

Coco Jolie Brings Artistic Kosher Chocolate to Englewood

If ever a name fit the concept, Coco Jolie is it. French for “beautiful chocolate,” Coco Jolie is a kosher, vegan chocolatier with confections so exquisite, you can’t help but gaze admiringly before taking your first bite and giving in to the chocolate goodness. Coco Jolie’s artistic bon bons are small jewels of

The Other Side of the Cork: Psâgot Winery—History Makes History Again

Psâgot winery is certainly a household name for anyone who drinks kosher wine. There is a remarkable range of wines in the portfolio that appeal to every palate and price point. The winery, which lies outside Ramallah and north of Jerusalem, produces more than 350,000 bottles of wine

Kosher Dining at Yale University Hillel Newly Certified by STAR-K

As a proud native New Havener, I was overjoyed when I found out that Yale University’s kosher kitchen would be certified by STAR-K Kosher Certification; I couldn’t wait to try it out, as I recently did, on my annual Elul trip to my hometown.

Yale University’s kosher kitchen has come a long

Yatir Winery Presents Yatir Creek 2016 And Mount Amasa White 2017

Yatir Winery launched two new wines at a masterclass open to the press in Manhattan last week, in conjunction with the Israeli Wine Producers Association Grand Wine Tasting. Yatir’s representatives Roni Jesselson and Etti Edri shared the story of the two-decade-young winery and poured glasses of the new Yatir Creek 2016

Get Ready for Rosh Hashanah With Jicama Salad

This recipe gives anyone who has not tasted jicama this year the opportunity to have something delicious and make the bracha Shehecheyanu at the same time.

(Keep in mind that I never measured neither the onion nor the jicama. I buy a medium-sized jicama and a regular red onion and then begin the preparations.)


The Other Side of the Cork: Psâgot Winery – History Makes History Again

Psâgot winery is certainly a household name for anyone who

Everyone’s Favorite Cookie Bars

Chocolate chip cookie bars are super-fast and super-easy to bake up quickly on Friday afternoon, and they are a perfect treat for Shabbat. I find everyone has room left in their tummy for a taste of this delicious treat. You might already have your favorite cookie recipe, but here’s our family’s favorite for you to try! If you