Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Food & Wine

It’s All About the Numbers!

It’s all a numbers game. How many are home on a given night. And how many of those that are home will actually eat what’s for dinner. Tricky calculations. With Summer under way, and 3 out of 4 kids away for July, the numbers are now in my favor. I now have a little more flexibility in the things I can cook. No more worrying

‘Kitchn Synch’ Delivers Kosher Meal Kits to Your Door

It’s a really busy week coming up, you think with trepidation, but you have to put dinner on the table. The family will protest if you try pizza or spaghetti every night. And prepared take-out never tastes quite fresh by the time everyone eats it. So besides cloning yourself, or figuring out how to make the day


Holy Roller Kosher Sausage Truck Roams Manhattan

(Yeahthatskosher and combined sources) A kosher sausage cart launched last February in midtown Manhattan— Holy Rollers — is both the first Glatt kosher meat cart and the first

Trend Watch: Cold Coffee Concentrates

A faster way to cool down with a glass of iced coffee this summer: Cold coffee concentrates make coffee on-the-go, hot or iced. Maxwell House has developed an iced coffee concentrate, housed in a 1.62 ounce travel-sized bottle, that boasts the ability to make ten cups of coffee. The coffee concentrate is available in

CKCA’s Stuffed Beets with Lemon Herbed Couscous and Roasted Pistachios

Enchant your guests with this colorful, healthy and elegantly stuffed beet dish. This recipe comes courtesy Chef Shlomo Schwartz, a Center for Kosher Culinary Arts instructor and owner of Your Soul Kitchen. For more info about CKCA Summer programs in both Manhattan and Brooklyn, visit

Turning Over a New Leaf : The Kale Caesar Salad

Now that summer has finally arrived people are looking for ways to lighten meals, reduce the heat in the kitchen and still maintain healthy options to the food they consume. Baby kale is the answer. For years kale has been relegated to the bottom of the fruit or sandwich platter just to add color and decoration. Besides, there’s


Kosher Meals Available in 10 NYC Area 7-Elevens

(YeahThatsKosher) Fresh, kosher Grab ’N Go items, made by The Pom People, Inc., are now available in the following 7-Eleven locations, including the original set of stores in Long Island, reported a few months

CKCA’s Father’s Day Jamaican Jerk Chicken

A unique summer main dish packed with spices and flavor, to be featured at the Center for Kosher Culinary Arts’ Father’s Day BBQ Class on Sunday, June 21. For more info, visit http://www.kosherculinaryarts.com or call 718-758-1339.

Bergenfield’s Fresh Fruit and Veggie Haven

Just past the railroad tracks, in the shopping center opposite the Bergenfield Post Office, lies a hidden gem of a farmer’s market. Complete with a wide variety of quality produce, packaged kosher baked goods and vibrant, fresh flowers, the newly opened World Farmer’s Market is not only a perfect pre-Shabbat

Bring Chinese Cuisine Into Your Home

Chinese food is a great way to infuse a different culture into your weekday or Shabbos fare. Here are some easy recipes for you to try. Hope you enjoy them!

Fong Wong Gai

2 ½ lbs thin chicken cutlets, flattened

Teaneck Farmer’s Market Offers Summer Season of ‘Terrific Thursdays!’

The Teaneck Farmers’ Market is here. It’s a fresh season of terrific Thursdays. The winter months were enough to make anyone scream, “No more cold!” But now the Teaneck Farmers’ Market has started and we want everyone to know—we’re open Thursday afternoons with fresh produce and

Oldies but Goodies

I was recently reading through my collection of old Gourmet and Bon Appetit magazines. Yeah, really old, like from the ‘90s. I had subscriptions to both. Actually, I also had a subscription to Food and Wine, but let’s not talk about that. (I guess I was a foodie long before blogging about food became popular.) I have a huge