Sunday, December 08, 2019

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NOBO: North Of Bogota Worth The Trip But Bring Your Visa

I was looking forward to dinner at NoBo Wine and Grill. It’s a restaurant that constantly seeks to reinvent itself. In a few short years, it went from a tasty Pasta Factory (dairy), to a tastier Pasta Factory (meat). Today, it seems to have settled on an eclectic mix of Manhattan chic and a pastiche of menu

Ten Israeli Treats

Try the best baklava, chocolate, marzipan, halva, challah, bourekas and other mouthwatering treats that Israel has to offer.

Israel 21c–Taste buds must work overtime in Israel thanks to the

Scrumptious Latkes to Light Up Your Palate

From sizzling potato latkes with cheddar cheese to tangy mozzarella cheese pizzas and delectable Muenster cheese toasts, the festive Chanukah holiday traditionally kindles a range of culinary activities in the kitchen.

The inspiration to whip up a dairy delicacy on Chanukah has a variety of root

How to Eat Chanukah Sufganiyot Without Guilt

The average Chanukah sufganiya (jelly donut) has between 300 and 400 calories of nearly pure oil and fat. In honor of the miracle God bestowed on the Maccabees, making oil meant for just a day last eight days, the delicious donut and other traditionally oily Chanukah foods become annual killers for your diet. For

Where Everybody Knows Your Name

JLBC introduces a new feature (bi-weekly) from acclaimed writer/blogger Ari Weisbrot that will explore and review the many kosher eating establishments in the community.

The first thing the owners of the new Teaneck Doghouse want you to know is that it’s not a sports bar.

Peanut Butter: Always Keep It On Hand...

Peanut butter is one of the staples that is usually on every cook’s shelf in the pantry. With peanut butter, one can make a quick dessert, a delicious soup, or the beloved peanut butter cookies.

Peanut Butter Celery Soup

1 cup sliced

Enhance Your Chanukah Party

When it comes to wine, everyone has an opinion, so what do you do when you’re hosting a Chanukah party and everyone wants something different? We asked our resident party expert (and director of wine education for Royal Wine Corp.) Jay Buchsbaum and he suggested mixing up a batched

Old School Brisket: A Shortcut Meets a Slow Roast

In 2013, Chanukah arrived exceptionally early, obliging homemakers and cooks to comingle Thanksgiving, the quintessential fall holiday, with the definitively wintry festival of lights. Cooking magazines, culinary columns, and food networks put on quite a display, as though the melding of two entirely different gastronomic

For Fall or Winter: Garbage Soup is the Best!

With a chill in the air, soup is always a delicious way to fill your belly and warm the cockles of your heart. A hearty, geshmack soup with sandwiches and salads on the side would fit the bill. You can order them in from your favorite caterer or take out place, or take the time to prep your favorites. This recipe makes enough soup

Curative Cocktails: A Little Zing for Fighting Wintertime Ills

While the official start of winter may still be a few weeks away, in Bergen County winter-like weather has already set in, and it looks like we can look forward to some months of cold, wet weather–the sort of conditions in which coughs and colds abound. When I find myself falling under the weather, wine ceases to be my beverage

Chocolate Cake… So Easy...Anyone Can Make

If asked what your favorite cake is, I believe most people would answer chocolate. It is so easy to make; there are thousands of chocolate cake recipes and I wanted to narrow down my most favorite few. So here they are….

Chocolate Cake I


Nuts to You!

This is a dairy dish.

Part of Thanksgiving is that familial revolving door, as family arrives to visit. Grandparents, uncles, cousins, all are excited about the main event, the turkey with all the trimmings, and often linger over the weekend. Kids return from college for more than