Thursday, November 21, 2019


Elisha’s Oil Miracle: The Commonly Posed Question

People frequently ask why Elisha’s oil miracle for the widow (first part of Melachim II 4) is included in the haftarah of Parshat Vayera. After all, the major portion of the haftarah focuses on the story of Elisha bringing a miracle so that an older childless couple, the Ishah HaShunamit and her husband, can finally have a child

Two Personalities, Two Missions

Parshat Vayera

This week’s haftarah selection, taken from Sefer Melachim Bet, shares with us two stories of the miraculous deeds of the navi Elisha. As we have mentioned in previous articles, these two stories closely parallel the stories of Avraham and Sarah that we read in the parsha. In

When Did We First Use Gematria?

Samuel 13:1 tells us that Saul was one year old when he began to reign: “ben shana Shaul be-malcho.” If you look at the Soncino, their translation suggests that there is a textual difficulty here and offers: “Saul was __ years old when he began to reign.” But the Daat Mikra suggests: “b-n” was a way of writing “52.” This raises the issue of

Soul Identification

Last week, Air Canada announced that flight attendants will no longer be addressing passengers as “ladies and gentlemen.” They claim that the move is being made to respect “identity, diversity, and inclusion.” From now on, passengers will be addressed as “everybody.”

Well, I am

Ohr Torah Stone Gap-Year Program Will Participate at Frisch Israel Night

(Courtesy of Ohr Torah Stone) With gap-year program recruitment season launching in just a few short weeks, Ohr Torah Stone’s (OTS) Elaine and Norm Brodsky Darkaynu Programs, which provide dynamic Israel study programs for students with special needs, for the first time will be participating in the annual “New Jersey Israel

New Jersey Jewish Film Fest to Show Fan Favorites

(Courtesy of NJJFF) To mark its 20th anniversary, New Jersey Jewish Film Festival (NJJFF) is offering a series of free screenings — “fan favorites” from years past — on the 20th day of certain months leading up to its March 19-29 festival.

On Wednesday, November 20, film-goers will have

Back to a Routine

We have missed this column and sharing our feelings and thoughts with all of you. We spent last week in Lenox Hill Hospital trying to figure out why Mordechai is having so much difficulty with his balance and walking. Although the problem might have been identified, the suggestion that he have spinal surgery in the next few weeks

Time to Help Save Benny and Josh

In December of 2017, The Jewish Link reported on the Landsman family, specifically two of the sons, Benny and Josh, who had been diagnosed with an ultra-rare inherited genetic brain condition, Canavan disease. Canavan is an autosomal recessive degenerative disorder that causes progressive damage to nerve cells in the

The Bottom Line: New Book for Small Business Owners

Reviewing: “It’s the Bottom Line That Matters: Quick Tips & Strategies You Can Use Right Now to Grow Your Business in the Next 12 Months,” by Jennifer R. Glass.

Publisher: Business Growth Strategies International, LLC. 2019. English. Paperback. ISBN-13: 978-0578547992.

How the Modern Orthodox Community Views Day School Education

Jews are very opinionated on a wide range of topics. Conversations around the Shabbat table, at Kiddush or at a simcha reflect this propensity, often with a vehemence. Sometimes it is very instructive to collect and analyze these opinions and attitudes. On November 4, Nishma Research released a comprehensive 90-page study

Invest in Your Visual Credibility

Everyone knows that having credibility gives us leverage in business. Often it takes a lot to gain credibility—one or more higher education degrees, years of excellent job performance or leadership in your professional association.

Some people believe “things” can make you appear more

A Doomed Proposal for a Joint Jewish-Christian Crusade: Three Divergent Views of Solomon Molcho

Solomon Molcho was one of the more interesting characters of 16th-century Europe. Born Diogo Pires in Lisbon to converso parents in 1500, he eventually rose through the ranks to become secretary to the king’s council and recorder at the court of appeals. The year 1525 would forever change young Solomon’s life when he