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Why We Sacrifice

Parshat Vayikra

This opening parsha of Sefer Vayikra serves as a logical continuation of the final parshiyot of Sefer Shmot that we read last week. After detailing the precise construction of the Mishkan the Torah now describes the service that was to take place there. To the modern-day mind, the world

Tevilat Kelim in a River: Not an Option for Sephardic Jews

Many have recently asked whether we can immerse our keilim in a river. While this might be an option for Ashkenazic Jews in an extreme circumstance, it is never an option for a Sephardic Jew. Let us explain why.

Differences between a Mikva and a Maayan

The rules of

The Origin of the Words ‘Tirosh’ and ‘Yayin’

The word “tirosh” appears 38 times in Tanach. What exactly does it mean? In order to understand it, we must understand the winemaking process. The first stage was crushing the grapes. The resulting juice included the skins, seeds and stems. These were then separated out and the juice that remained was transferred to vessels which were

OHEL Is Here for You, and With You, During the COVID-19 Pandemic

(Courtesy of OHEL) OHEL remains deeply committed to serving the needs of our community, especially at these unprecedented and challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic.

OHEL’s Crisis Team, led by Dr. Norman Blumenthal and Tzivy Reiter, LCSW, specialize in helping people navigate the social, emotional

Cholim List

(In formation. To add names please email [email protected])

Aharon Shaul ben Rachel

Avraham Eliezer ben Toiba

Avraham Leivi ben Sarah


I Went to Shul on Shabbos

Of course, no one was there and the door was locked. But it felt good just to stand outside near the building. There is an amazing cluster of shuls here. Something for everyone. I haven’t missed being at shul for Rosh Chodesh benching or Shabbat Chazak for a very long time and I didn’t want to miss it

A Legal Perspective on Passover-Program Cancellations

With federal, state and local governments restricting movement, imposing curfews, closing restaurants and banning gatherings, while updated guidelines from the federal government recommend that people avoid gatherings of over 10 people, the fate of this year’s Passover holiday resort programs appears all but certain. The closure of a

Technology in the Era of COVID-19: A Series

In recent weeks we have entered uncharted territory in our human experience. For many, existential staples such as school, worship and other social gatherings have been put on hold to mitigate the spread of COVID-19, which in turn has caused increased anxiety and a real sense of isolation as a result of detachment from our regular routine.

The Other Purim Miracle and the Coronavirus Crisis

Given that we just celebrated Purim and the world is currently in turmoil due to the coronavirus outbreak and response, I think it might be worthwhile to examine if any connection can be drawn and inspiration for salvation found. After all, Purim marked the time when the Jewish world was saved from a pending national calamity and we would

Free Jewish Resources for Children and Adults

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My 'Senior Year Experience' and the Pandemic

COVID-19, the novel coronavirus, the pandemic—this crisis has taken over everything. It’s on our nightly news, in our conversations and now it’s in our communities. In light of this, school, events and simchas all over the country have been canceled. For some, this “break” may not be a huge burden. However, to high school seniors,

We Sure Picked a Great Time to Make Aliyah—Now

Coming on aliyah is always a [worthwhile] hurdle, but you have to be an idealist to come on aliyah during the time of COVID-19.

It was the spring of 1960; I was 11 years old and living in Middle Village, Queens. My parents gave me a couple of dollars and told me to go to the movies for the afternoon