Wednesday, April 01, 2020

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Emotional Needs During the Coronavirus Pandemic

If you would have told me at the end of January that I’d be cooped up in the house with my kids for weeks on end, their schools canceled, the shuls shuttered, all play-dates off, all meetings with friends shelved, or that if I wanted to interact with anyone accept my immediate family, I’d have to stand six feet apart from them, assuming

Creating Boundaries to Thrive in Quarantine

How do families and couples that had challenging relationships before isolation work through being cooped up in a house? Even in homes where there are no apparent relationship struggles, the dynamics of the relationships have changed.

In a world before isolation, each family member would go to their

What’s COVID-19 Got to Do With Feeling Anxious? Nothing.

What? Nothing? Are you serious? “Ever since this COVID-19 earthquake hit, I’ve been a nervous wreck,” said a client in a first session, by phone of course. So, I’ll ask again, as I asked this new client, riddled with anxiety, “What’s the COVID-19 got to do with what you’re feeling?” And so began his transformative journey to

COVID-19 and You

(Courtesy of St. Mary’s Hospital) As of March 23, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has reported 33,404 cases with 400 deaths1. Those numbers are changing daily. New Jersey, with 2,844 cases as of the date this was written, has become the state with the second most cases of coronavirus, second only to New

Cognitive Distortions and Coping With the Unknown

One of the greatest challenges of this very trying time is managing our wise-mind. The wise-mind is a DBT skill (Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Marsha Linehan) meant to call upon an individual’s emotional mind and rational mind combining and impacting decision making, reactions and overall mindsets.

St. Mary’s General Hospital and the COVID-19 Outbreak

(Courtesy of St. Mary’s General Hospital) St. Mary’s General Hospital and Prime Healthcare are closely monitoring novel coronavirus (COVID-19) developments and are actively implementing Centers for Disease Control (CDC) protocols. St. Mary’s General remains in close contact with state and local

Startup Israel Tackles Coronavirus

A hand washing machine and facemasks that claim to kill coronavirus. Contact-free monitoring of hospitalized COVID-19 patients. Proactive policies to prevent the spread of the virus. A possible vaccine on the horizon.

These are among the many ways Israel is responding with characteristic swift ingenuity

Balancing Anxiety Amid the Unknown

How do we temper the anxiety brought upon by the current events, media, and hysteria going around? During these times you might find yourself vacillating between feeling calm and in-control one minute, to feeling completely panicked and ill-equipped the next moment? What about the different feelings that arise as you fill different

Building a Healthier School: Spotlight on Nutrition

By Chaya Lebovic

I was preparing snacks for my daughter’s lunch, and I handed her a bag of cucumber spears. “That’s OK,” she said, “We don’t need to bring healthy snacks this year. Mrs. X isn’t our teacher anymore.” I laughed to myself at the time, but then I thought about the

Commonsense Advice On Coronavirus

With the novel coronavirus, COVID-19, causing illness worldwide, and recognizing that there is no benefit to widespread panic, we wanted to update our shul-goers. We will continue to provide updates as new information becomes available.

If you have not traveled to an area where COVID-19 is

Access Medical Associates Welcomes Shoshana Koslowe, Physician Assistant

Dr. Jeffrey Paley and Dr. Doron Katz are pleased to announce that Shoshana Koslowe, PA-C, has joined Access Medical Associates in Englewood as a physician assistant. “I have known Shana for 30 years and she is brilliant,” said Dr. Paley. “She has a terrific personality and is well respected. In the few weeks that she has been

JCC Offers Virtual Classes for Caregivers of Those With Dementia

Your loved one with dementia needs you and sometimes that means you can’t leave that person alone. But you need help, too. The Kaplan JCC on the Palisades is offering a virtual three-session course on dementia caregiver training that caregivers can access with Zoom from their home devices. The classes will take place on