Tuesday, May 21, 2019

IDT Corporation and Genie Energy Ltd., both headquartered in Newark, New Jersey, presented hundreds of coats and toys donated by their employees to the Goodwill Rescue Mission for distribution to the city’s homeless and needy.

“On behalf of the 500 employees of IDT and Genie Energy here in Newark, we are pleased to present the Goodwill Rescue Mission with the coats and toys donated by our employees during the holiday season,” said IDT’s VP for business development, Elie Y. Katz. “We appreciate the great work the Mission does to feed and otherwise assist the hungry, homeless and hurting in Newark, and thank the Mission for providing us with this opportunity to help. We are also grateful to Councilmember Luis A. Quintana for arranging the donation.”

Michael Stein, CEO of Genie Retail Energy, said, “Newark has been our home for many years. We all feel a deep kinship with our neighbors. We hope our gifts spread a happy, hopeful and empowering holiday spirit.”

Reverend Don Hall, director of development for the Goodwill Rescue Mission, accepted the gifts for the Mission.

The Goodwill Rescue Mission has been ministering in Newark to those suffering in poverty, homelessness and dependencies since 1896.