Tuesday, February 25, 2020

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While the article “Memories of New Milford’s Once-Thriving Jewish Community” (July 25, 2019) articulately evoked wonderful memories of New Milford Jewish Center (NMJC)/Congregation Beth Tikvah and captured its sad decline, I don’t think it succeeded in accurately depicting the current status of New Milford’s booming Modern Orthodox community, with over 100 families, including the distinguished rabbi of Keter Torah (Rabbi Shalom Baum).

New Milford might not house an Orthodox shul, though it’s extremely close and an easy walk to several of them (Keter Torah, Beth Abraham, BMOB).

While strolling through this charming town on Shabbat, you will often take notice of the beautiful sounds of children playing on Allessandrini Avenue with numerous young families living on the block.

While we remember and salute the close to 200 families who worshiped over 50 years ago, we are inspired by the second wind our great town is currently enjoying and are hopeful that more younger families will move in and enjoy the unique and charming dynamic New Milford has to offer.

Elad Cnaan
New Milford