Thursday, April 09, 2020

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I’m writing in regard to the letter in this past week’s Link titled “Kudos to the ‘Spirit of Purim’ Letter Writer” (March 5, 2020) by Jessica Savitt. With all due respect to Mrs. Savitt, the people that participate in the distribution of mishloach manot do contribute to tzedaka. They are shul goers and baalei mitzvos and chesed-doers on all levels. In a world where there is turbulence right now and people sadly are battling all varieties of challenges traumas and compromises, there is comfort in exchanging mishloach manot. The actual act brings us back to our childhoods and our parents before us; it’s a trip down memory lane and our children and grandchildren enjoy the entire process of making them, sharing them and eating them.

Everyone who does plan a theme and purchases necessary ingredients for their baskets is showing their hakarat hatov to Klal Yisrael. This hana’ah at this point in time is very much needed. What other holiday rituals should we give up? Our mishloach manot are lined up to be delivered and our tzedaka envelopes are ready to be mailed as well.

Miriam Schiffman