Monday, February 24, 2020

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Thank You From Team Evan

Thank you so much for the article last week regarding my Tour de Simcha ride (“Local Tour De Simcha Cyclists Set Sights on World’s Greatest Finish Line: Tova Gerson to Rejoin Tour de Simcha in Memory of Evan Levy, z”l,” June 13, 2019)! It was so lovely to read about it and definitely motivated this week’s training rides!

We Are Damaged by  Erased Images

Regarding Sarah Abenaim’s “Another Modest Proposal (June 6, 2019): Thank you for your response. We think you’ve hit the nail on the head and highlighted a question that many have been grappling with: Shouldn’t we just live and let live? Why are so many women and men upset about others’ choice to leave women out of pictures? Why

Modern Orthodox Kiruv Is Alive and Strong

I agree with Steven Starr that Modern Orthodoxy should be investing more of its time, energy and resources into kiruv (“If I Am Only for Myself, Who Am I? An Argument for Modern Orthodox Kiruv,” May 30, 2019). However, in order for this to be successful, a few things must be kept in mind.

YBM Chesed Joins With J-ADD to Ensure Homes Are Kosher for Passover

If there is anything more nerve-racking than cleaning my own personal home for Passover, it is cleaning the 14 kitchens for J-ADD’s 47 individuals with developmental disabilities. I mean, these kitchens not only have our residents in there, they also have three shifts of staff all of whom can be walking pieces of chametz at any time of

A Mickey Mouse Passover

I am not quite sure why I have to write this letter, since I have contacted several news agencies about the fraud being perpetrated at Pesach programs seemingly on a yearly basis, yet no one thought it worthy of their coverage.

And so I will write it

Deleting Women’s Pictures Is Degrading and Reprehensible

Sarah Abenaim (Letter, “Another Modest Proposal,” June 6, 2019) completely misses the point about leaving out women’s pictures in some Jewish publications. While it is true that the sleazy tabloids that try to come off as reputable papers often show pictures that are disturbing, the issue here is not about respecting the religious

Another Modest Proposal

I am writing about the recent article depicting the perceived social injustice of omitting women from newspaper ads or dinner journal announcements, in “A Modest (B’Dieved) Proposal: Take the Men Out, Too.” (May 30, 2019)

I have another modest proposal.

What if,

On the Other Hand

I would like to convey a yashar koach to Mitchell First on his recent article about the meaning of “tishkach yemini” (“‘If I Forget You, Jerusalem...’ (Psalms 137:5),” May 30, 2019). An additional point, in favor of an interpretation of a paralysis, or general weakening of the strength (tash koach, one might

A Loving Companion

My wife and I are elderly (age 81 and 79) adoptive parents of a young man of special needs. He is 32 years old. He suffers from a disorder in the autism spectrum.

He is high functioning, friendly and socially charming.

The Many Faces of Kiruv

In your May 30, 2019, edition Attorney Steven Starr laments the fact that Modern Orthodox institutions have only “dabbled in kiruv.” (“An Argument for Modern Orthodox Kiruv”). As an attorney, Mr. Starr surely knows of the need to define terms. I am not sure how he defines kiruv. Was Yeshiva University (YU) involved in kiruv when it

Thank You to The Jewish Link

Four and a half years ago, Renewal made a decision to reach out to the Teaneck community for help in finding more altruistic (living) kidney donors. With the help of the Hain and Sarna families, we were immediately welcomed with open arms into the community to educate and raise awareness about the importance of altruistic kidney

Five Common Principles for the Jewish Community Opposing the Book Reading at the Highland Park Public Library

1. Though we vigorously oppose a planned event at the Highland Park Public Library, we support the library in general and want it to be successful.

2. We oppose the library’s holding a book reading of “P is for Palestine” because it is insensitive to the