Monday, February 24, 2020

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Bentching at Weddings

I fully agree with Rabbi Zahtz’s article concerning the deafening noise at simchas (“Dangerous Simchas,” October 31, 2019). I doubt that even the bat simcha can do much about it even if she threatens to withhold some money.

But I do wish Rabbi Zahtz

Make Your Voices Heard

Yali Elkin’s  utilization of recent parshiyot (“The Great Negotiation,” November 21, 2019) to posit that Jewish existence is tenuous is a truism. His reluctance to recognize the big picture is glaring.

Adherence to the rule of law, the equal application of justice for all and the credo that no

Fulfilling the Avraham Model Of Modern Orthodoxy

Kudos to Rabbi Pruzansky for his article “The First Modern Orthodox Jew: Two Models” (November 21, 2019), in which he uses Avraham and Lot to exemplify two models of Modern Orthodoxy that may be found in our community. However, while he spends a fair amount of time describing the unhealthy and unsustainable “Lot”

On Hebrew

I was surprised to read a piece by Dr. Wallace Greene titled, “The Ashke-Sefard Dilemma” (November 27, 2019), where despite his description as a “Jewish educator” and having “pioneered the Hebrew in America curriculum,” he repeats some common misconceptions about language.


Lot Comparison Is Simplistic and Wrong

How sad. A rabbi, whose primary role should be to educate and inspire, takes to the pages of The Jewish Link (“The First Modern Orthodox Jew: Two Models,” November 21, 2019) to excoriate a large swath of his own community with the dubious charge of Lot-idian behavior. Somehow, Modern Orthodox life, with all its complexities and

The Link Should Let People Speak Their Minds

I cringed when I read the disclaimer that preceded Rabbi Steven Pruzansky’s piece (“The First Modern Orthodox Jew: Two Models,” November 21, 2019) this past week. Though I understand the Link included it out of sensitivity to its readers, I strongly believe that a community paper owes its readers no apology for

Why Should Rabbi Pruzansky’s Article Have a Caveat?

It was with incredulity that we read the editor’s note prefacing Rabbi Pruzansky’s article in last week’s paper (“The First Modern Orthodox Jew: Two Models,” November 21, 2019), where you discuss the rabbi’s “unvarnished manner” and “strident view,” which you then state “will be shocking to some.”

Need, Not Unanimity, Should Determine Actions

At the October 29, 2019 Highland Park Borough Council meeting where an anti-Semitism/anti-BDS proposal was voted down (“BDS/Anti-Semitism Wins in Highland Park,” October 31, 2019) a major sticking point was that there seemed to be an apparent split in the “Jewish community” regarding the resolution, and that

Don’t Dismiss Warning On Secular Colleges

Martin Polack’s warning about secular universities ought not to be glibly dismissed (“Warning for Parents Researching Colleges,” October 24, 2019). Many of our yeshiva-educated children are not prepared to deal with the pervasive non-Torah ideas and values of the secular universities. Combined with the Orthodox-Lite

Kudos to Congressman Gottheimer

Thank you for your article highlighting Congressman Gottheimer’s bipartisan work with Reps Tom Reed (R-NY), Max Rose (D-NY) and Brian Fitzpatrick (R-PA), and the Problem Solvers Caucus (“Rep. Gottheimer Focuses on Bipartisan Efforts Toward Fighting Terror,” November 7, 2019). To see members of Congress reaching across the aisle to

Secular Colleges Should Not Be Discounted

The letter from Martin Pollack in the October 24 issue, “Warning for Parents Researching Colleges” is very interesting. Mr. Pollack essentially advocates for Jewish students to forgo secular universities and exclusively enroll in sectarian institutions such as Yeshiva University and Touro College.

Response to Rav Yossi Goldin

I appreciate the thoughtful comments shared by Rav Yossi Goldin (“Continuing the Conversation: Restoring Vision to Modern Orthodoxy,” November 7, 2019). I certainly agree that there is far more to our community than our ability to connect to other Jews. The purpose of the article was not to provide a comprehensive