Wednesday, November 20, 2019

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Thank You to The Jewish Link

Four and a half years ago, Renewal made a decision to reach out to the Teaneck community for help in finding more altruistic (living) kidney donors. With the help of the Hain and Sarna families, we were immediately welcomed with open arms into the community to educate and raise awareness about the importance of altruistic kidney

Five Common Principles for the Jewish Community Opposing the Book Reading at the Highland Park Public Library

1. Though we vigorously oppose a planned event at the Highland Park Public Library, we support the library in general and want it to be successful.

2. We oppose the library’s holding a book reading of “P is for Palestine” because it is insensitive to the

Respect Others, But Stand Strong

I am writing in response to your “Editorial Policy on Pictures” (May 23, 2019). After detailing your own policy of printing pictures of men, women and children that reflect our community as it is, you address the situation of advertisers who send images with women purposely left out despite your request that they

Show Respect to Everyone

Recently, a Teaneck woman initiated a protest against The Jewish Link on her Facebook page for their advertising policies on women. The Jewish Link asks that its advertisers include women in their ads if there are only images of men, but allows them to submit those ads anyway if including women is against their hashkafot

Highland Park Votes

I’ve served on the Highland Park Borough Council since January 2015. I’ve had the privilege of working with Highland Park Mayor Gayle Brill Mittler and Council President Phil George since that time, and with Councilman Matt Hale since he began serving on the Council in July 2018.

Personal Reflections on Herman Wouk

My late mother, Shirley Friedberg Neustein, z”l, was a childhood friend of Herman Wouk, z”l, who attended the boys division of a Zionist camp (Keeyuma/Carmelia) in the 1920s and ‘30s, which was picturesquely situated on Lake Champlain in Milton Vermont. They kept up until my mother died in 2001. I gathered bits and pieces of

Combating Extremist Violence

The spate of deadly domestic extremist violence against houses of worship and nonprofit institutions is a growing threat to virtually every corner of the United States. It is imperative that elected officials like myself do everything in our power to combat this weaponized hatred whenever is rears its hideous

Thank You

I wanted to thank Elizabeth Kratz so much for writing the article (“Teaneck Chabad to Host Renewal Swabbing Event for Jay Gitteleson,” May 9, 2019), about the Kidney Donation Awareness Event which took place at the Teaneck Chabad on May 19.

The event was

Be an Agent of Change

I was distressed to open my print copy of The Jewish Link this past Shabbat to view two ads featuring the erasure of women. The Bnot Beit Yaakov ad (page 50) named honorees “Rabbi and Mrs. Menachem Friedman” and only included the gentleman’s photo. The Yeshivas Ohr V’daas ad (page 52) listed “Guests of Honor: Mr. and Mrs. Neil and

Clarifying My Position on Premarin

I read with interest a letter by Carol Tannenbaum. I would first like to thank Ms. Tannenbaum for reading my article and finding my topic worthwhile enough to warrant a response. However, I would like to clarify my position regarding Premarin and bioidentical hormones. In her letter, Ms. Tannenbaum expressed concern that

Noting an Error in Chidon Reporting

I am writing regarding the recent article about the chidon finalists (“US Chidon HaTanach Finals Held at YU,” May 10, 2019). My friend Chana Aspir was listed as coming in third place in the Hebrew eighth grade division but in truth she tied for second and I’m really proud of my friend. Is it possible to correct this mistake and list her in her

Thank You to The Jewish Link

Thank you so much for the beautiful way in which the obituary for my father, David Krakow, was placed and presented in your paper (“In Loving Memory of David Krakow, z”l,” April 4, 2019). It means so much to me and to the rest of my family, here and in Israel. We received many contacts with kind words and