Tuesday, February 25, 2020

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The Nine Days and Shidduchim

I’m a parent, a grandparent, and a single Orthodox mom who is strongly rooted in both the Jewish and secular worlds. This means that in some respects I stand at the periphery of the Orthodox world, which is not always a bad thing. It allows me to stand back and try to assess some of the things I see in my own community, compare it with

Comparing Southern Border to Nazi Camps Is Absurd

I was very disappointed in the letter by Murray Sragow, wherein he claims that comparisons to detention camps on the southern border do not trivialize the Holocaust (“Not Trivializing the Holocaust,” July 25, 2019). He further says that “they are simply attempting to learn a lesson from the Holocaust.” Exactly

Distorting History

Mr. Sragow’s response to the article “Detention Centers on Southern Border Are Most Definitively Not Concentration Camps” misses the point (“Not Trivializing the Holocaust,” July 25, 2019). Using the term concentration camps is designed to equate the detention centers with Nazi camps. Few people know or care

Memories of New Miford

I enjoyed reading “Memories of New Milford’s Once-Thriving Jewish Community,” (July 25, 2019). My family moved to New Milford in the summer of 1956 and were members of the New Milford Jewish Center up until my mother’s passing in December 2017. My mother served on the board and participated in the players’

Project Ezrah Delivers for the Community

I am writing to let you know of the great service Project Ezra is providing for the community. I attended another lecture last night arranged by Project Ezra entitled, “How Come I Can’t Land the Job I Really Want,” presented by Jordan Rockowitz. It was outstanding! The information was up-to-date and

All Camps Are Not the Same

This letter is written about Murray Sragow’s letter (“Not Trivializing the Holocaust,” July 25, 2019), not to him, for as a Jewish history teacher he certainly knows everything I am going to say but chooses to ignore it. He begins by calling every facility where people are confined or ‘concentrated’ against

Missing the Point on Marijuana

I too am sorry for your loss. I think you have missed the point about Marijuana (“Legalizing Marijuana: The Follow-Up” July 18, 2019). You seem to be in denial about the reality that the majority of adults who consume it are doing so moderately and responsibly, like any other product or service. We should educate the

New Milford’s Jewish Community Is Thriving

While the article “Memories of New Milford’s Once-Thriving Jewish Community” (July 25, 2019) articulately evoked wonderful memories of New Milford Jewish Center (NMJC)/Congregation Beth Tikvah and captured its sad decline, I don’t think it succeeded in accurately depicting the current status of New Milford’s booming Modern

Dangerous Trend Toward Extremism

I am responding to the recent article depicting the social injustice of omitting women from newspaper ads or dinner journal announcements (“Another Modest Proposal,” June 6, 2019).

Ladies and gentlemen, what we have seen in the past 20 years or so in the ultra
Orthodox segment of our

Silence Is Golden

Thank you very much for writing this powerful article in The Jewish Link (“When It Is Appropriate To Say Nothing,” July 18, 2019). We feel very strongly connected to your view. We immigrated from France 30 years ago and still feel very often disconnected with the American way of communicating so freely on social

Israel’s Unique Opportunity

Congresswomen Omar and Tlaib are presenting Israel with an opportunity that Israel would not be able to organize on its own. I believe that they are hoping that they will not be allowed to enter Israel, providing them with the headlines that they seek. Instead, Prime Minister Netanyahu and President Rivlin should extend

Not Trivializing the Holocaust

I am responding to the article entitled “Detention Centers on Southern Border Are Most Definitively Not Concentration Camps,” which appeared in the most recent issue of the Jewish Link (July 18, 2019). Dr. Alex Grobman is mistaken when he accuses people of trivializing the Holocaust. Those who object to detention centers on the U.S.