Saturday, December 07, 2019

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Nothing Is a Coincidence

Most of us have had things happen that convince us that Hashem is truly guiding things from above. Incidents that go beyond mere coincidences and into the bashert category.

Let me tell you a little story. Maybe not so little a story. But one that says without a doubt that there is a plan for all of

Top Trumps: War With a Twist of Trivia

Often, parents want their children to play games that can strengthen them academically, yet their children will refuse to have anything to do with an educational game. Top Trumps is the perfect game for parents who want to sneak some education into their children’s’ fun. With the children enjoying the game so

Kaplen JCC Hosts Successful Annual Play Fore! the Kids Golf and Games Event

For the past 17 years, JCC family and friends have come together each summer to take part in the Kaplen JCC on the Palisades Golf Classic, which helps brings a greater quality of life to children with special needs. This year’s event, held at Montammy Country Club in Alpine, New Jersey, on August 7, was no exception. A

Slime Nation

It was the words I’d been waiting to hear for several long months of navigating my kitchen with what looked like contractor dust everywhere, but was actually corn starch. “Mommy, making slime is sooo over.”

Slime-making was all the rage this year. For a while, living in my own state of

Journalism Begins at Home

About five years ago my younger sister came up with an idea to produce a family newspaper. She was too young to put it together, and back then, I was a bossy older sister, so I immediately took charge. Surprisingly, I now find myself the editor-in-chief of a newspaper that is rapidly expanding, both in length and in circulation (more of the

Seven Things Jewish College Students Should Skip This Summer

Spring semester has long since ended, but you’re already feeling the summer days start to drag. Take advantage of the free time you’ve been waiting for and be wary of the things you shouldn’t find yourself doing this season. I myself have learned some of these lessons both the easy way and the hard way and I thought they

Uncharted Territory

It is wedged in my memory, the shock when I’d arrived at sleepaway camp in my teen-aged years, and noticed how neatly organized a friend’s trunk was. “My mom packed it,” she said, simply, as she began shelving a stack of color-coordinated white tees, that flowed into the yellow, and then green ones. I glanced at my own

Public vs. Private: Where to Bank Cord Blood

(Courtesy of Maze Cord Blood) With ongoing success using stem cells to treat a variety of diseases, and clinical trials under way for Tay-Sachs, autism and many other diseases, it is clearly beneficial to save your baby’s stem cells. The question parents are faced with now is, should we store with a private cord blood

Balance, Bike and Roll

It’s rather surprising that bicycles are sold with training wheels these days. After all, what is the point? Those extra little wheels don’t train children to ride a bike independently. In fact, they do the opposite!

No doubt someone, somewhere on this planet is ready to stand up and loudly proclaim

Lumbar Spinal Stenosis: Can Nonsurgical Treatment Help?

The short answer is “yes,” however that is because most patients who have been diagnosed with lumbar spinal stenosis have other causes of pain that are amenable to nonsurgical treatment.

Medically speaking, “stenosis” refers to narrowing of a specific channel. Thus, in the case of lumbar

How to Be a Teacher

Disclaimer—The opinions reflected herein are my own. I do not claim that they are objectively true. I am not trying to convince you that I am correct. I am simply sharing my thoughts.

When I think back to my youth, I can’t remember much of what I learned, the words I couldn’t

Metaphors, Recovery and Self-Soothing

Metaphors are my thing, they always have been. For as long as I can remember, whether in the context of teaching or simply having an emotional tell-all with a friend, metaphors have come to my side, allowing me to express myself in a clear, concise—and at times, creative—fashion. I was happy to discover, during my days of