Thursday, October 17, 2019

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Hats Off—Make That On—to Summer’s Sun-Safe Fashions

Not to scare readers (well, maybe a little scare is okay), but according to the American Academy of Dermatology skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in the United States, with an estimated one in five Americans diagnosed over the course of their lifetime. The Fashion Link spoke with Dr. Michael

Hydrochic Dives Into Swim Season With New Styles

When Sara Wolf and Daniella Peyser Teutsch first met 12 years ago, they had no idea how the need for modest swimwear would turn Hydrochic into a household name synonymous with superior quality, sun protection and durability. The co-founders first responded to a need when they noticed women wearing men’s t-shirts as a

Hair That Makes the Cut: Trending Cuts for This Season

Hair trends this spring and summer aim to give hair new life with fresh ideas for cuts, while playing with various lengths. Shorter hairstyles are a must-try this season. The overall desired look is for “simple and beautiful.” Thankfully, we can say goodbye to complex hairstyles that require the use of all

Bergenfield Fashionista Takes Home People’s Choice Award

Remember the name Chaya Hoffman, as one day she hopes to be known in the world of fashion design with the likes of Versace, Dior and Chanel. Hoffman studied at Bruriah High School and Michlalah, and recently graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology. After graduating with an associate degree from

Pink Orchid Fashion Helps Women Navigate the Busy Simcha Season

The first few weeks after Lag B’Omer have Sunday event calendars busier than most other weekends of the year. As community events and simchas take advantage of the ability to make parties with music once again, many people find themselves running between two or three events a day. Of course this is a bracha and we should

Wedding Hair Is in the Air

Planning a wedding soon? Mazal tov! One of the most exciting aspects of planning a wedding for the bride and her bridal party is of course the dresses! When shopping for a dress you need to factor in the overall look you want to achieve. The hairstyle and makeup you

Kaituz Bridal Collab Helps Simplify the Wedding Planning Process

You’ve read the articles, spoken to friends and heard the buzz about a revolutionary concept: the Kaituz Bridal Collab.

The evening of April 16 witnessed a new phenomenon that redefined elegance and expertise. A dream team of experts unified in a fabulous way to help simplify and

The Not-So-Basic Ponytail

Want to never have a bad hair day this spring/summer? Well, you’re in luck with this season’s go-to pony trend. Ponytails have always been everyone’s comfortable backup hairstyle, and this season the pony has been transformed to easy, trendy works of arts that you can copy and create for yourself,

Shopping Badger Has Dazzling Jewelry Suggestions for Mother’s Day

Breakfast in bed has become synonymous with Mother’s Day. And who wouldn’t enjoy being catered to like royalty? But sometimes distance (or moms who don’t sleep in) makes this a difficult gesture to pull off. The Fashion Link caught up with Stephanie Kaufman of Shopping Badger, a popular accessories vendor (

Everything’s Coming Up Roses…and Polka Dots and Animal Print

Solids are a crisp, classic look, and often a go-to for anyone looking to throw together an outfit. But patterned looks have been popping up on runways in recent years with something for every style. Patterns can be bold and bright for the fashion forward, or subtle and understated for those just looking to get

Brides Don’t Despair, Wedding Collab Is Here

Ask any girl about her dream wedding. She has it all planned and Pinterested down to the color of her nails and the length of her lashes. Ask any bride about her dream wedding and she’ll likely throw her hands up in despair. The morning after her engagement she probably stepped into the gown shop with

Sneakerheads Bring Footwear Love to a New Level

So you think only women value expensive footwear? Think again. A growing trend has been emerging in athletic footwear with prices that rival a Manolo Blahnik. This phenomenon, a buying, reselling and trading of sneakers business that gains a larger following each year, has its followers known as “sneakerheads,” and