Saturday, December 14, 2019

(Courtesy of De La Rosa Real Foods) De La Rosa Real Foods is committed to providing the highest quality and purity in their food based on the principles of the divine creation.

Organic Raw & Unfiltered Red Wine Vinegar is De La Rosa’s next addition. This superb vinegar gives connoisseurs and health-food fanatics a new red wine vinegar to dress up all their favorite recipes. Organic Raw & Unfiltered Red Wine Vinegar is made from only one ingredient—Organic Raw & Unfiltered Red Wine Vinegar. Organic Raspberry Vinegar is made only of one ingredient—Organic Raw & Unfiltered Raspberry Vinegar. No sugars. Nothing added. The flavor is bold. It is slightly sweet and tangy at the same time.

All of their vinegars are pure and unadulterated, additive and preservative free. Oh, and kosher too, of course. Both vinegars are certified kosher by the OU, with the Organic Raw & Unfiltered Red Wine Vinegar also deemed kosher for Passover, as well as all year long.

Now discerning customers have two more alternatives to make their salads better than ever. Yehudith Girshberg, CEO of De La Rosa, has stated that “This vinegar is so good, you will want to just drink it” and “This vinegar is as pure as you can get.”

These two vinegar additions to the De La Rosa Organic Vinegar line bring the total number of options for retailers now up to nine alternative vinegar products.

De La Rosa continues to make their organic award-winning Italian vinegars—Organic Balsamic of Modena, Organic Italian Red Wine (Raw & Filtered) and Organic Italian White Wine Vinegar. And they have six organic specialty vinegars from Spain—Organic White Balsamic, Organic Pomegranate, Organic Apple Cider and Organic White Distilled (made only from organic, non-GMO sugar beets), in addition to the two latest vinegars.

Retailers can get in on the craze to use vinegars in new ways in cooking and as a tonic for health by offering their customers this expanded line of organic, better for you vinegars.

All of these organic vinegars and their non-organic cousins are also available in food service and manufacturing sizes.

New retailers please feel free to contact De La Rosa at their offices: 718-333-0333 or [email protected] Website: www.DeLaRosa613.com.  

Consumers can find all De La Rosa products, including wonderful oils, tahinis and juice, in fine stores everywhere including Fairway Market in New York, select ShopRites, kosher and boutique food markets and at www.delarosa613.com.