Monday, February 24, 2020

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How or When to Run. Hide. Fight.

(Courtesy of St. Mary’s Hospital)

“Very interesting and informative shiur today. Hope I never need this info, but now I feel better prepared if necessary. Every shul, school, office and store should attend!”

“How do you feel about encouraging

The Relationship Between Fear, the Brain and the Body

The recent rise in anti-Semitism in our neighboring communities has left the Jewish community shocked, angry, disappointed and above all fearful. While we continue to strive to proudly own our identities, and walk with heads held high as so many did on January 5 on the walk across the Brooklyn Bridge, and as so many do each day not only

Recovery at the Crossroads Offers Amenities for Jewish Patients

Recovery at the Crossroads is a unique style treatment center that is geared to work for the people of the Jewish community. Located in Blackwood, New Jersey, Recovery at the Crossroads was established in 2014 as a facility whose mission is to support the road of recovery with state-of-the-art treatment for

Lisning.com Provides Online Therapy To Support Mental Health Goals

The way we read books has changed. The way we watch movies has changed. The way we talk on the phone has changed. Why shouldn’t the way we seek out and receive psychotherapy have changed as well?

Lisning.com is the perfect therapy for 2020. According to Lisning.com’s clinical

Meet the Staff of Recovery At the Crossroads

Recovery at the Crossroads is an addiction center in Washington Township, offering specialized programs to help overcome drug addiction. See below for information on their exceptional staff:

Ann Marie Bescherer, PhD, MBA, NCC, LPC, LCADC, ACS, founder and CEO of The Institute for Hope &

How Judaism Embraces Mindfulness

Last summer I received a call from a psychotherapist in Far Rockaway who wanted to start a mindfulness program in a few of the local yeshivot. He encountered resistance from many of the local rabbis who believed that mindfulness is connected with Buddhism, and was therefore prohibited since that association would make it a form of idolatry.

Active Shooter Survival Training Seminar: Monday, January 20

(Courtesy of St. Mary’s General Hospital) With the spate of anti-Semite attacks occurring almost daily, it behooves us all to be ready if, chas v’shalom, a tragedy should occur in our kehila. Sadly, with tragedies that have happened, we cannot wait for help to arrive; we have to know what to do now. You are the first

St. Mary’s General Hospital’s 2020 Vision

(Courtesy of St. Mary’s Hospital) 2019 was a good year for St. Mary’s General Hospital as we ushered in many education programs for our staff and the community. We are expecting excellent vision in programs for 2020.

Staff Education. In addition to the mandatory staff education

Dyslexia Friendly? How One Local Teen Is Making a Difference

In the pressured teenage universe, it can often seem like grades and standardized test scores are the only things that matter. In our Jewish day schools and high schools, where the dual curriculum also includes a heavy focus on textual study of Talmud and Bible—in a second language, no less— a student who is diagnosed

Healthcare LinkedIn Networking Event Coming to Teaneck on Wednesday

When people hear the word “networking,” they typically think of face-to-face meetings and using connections to meet others for the purpose of advancing their business prospects. LinkedIn has taken that concept to the next level, making networking easier and more profitable than ever, provided individuals are skilled in its use.

Mickey Cohen, a construction

Nefesh Embraces Touro Social Work Students

Touro MSW students inspired while networking and learning with Orthodox mental health professionals at 23rd annual Nefesh International conference.

(Courtesy of Touro College) Approximately 500 mental health professionals from around the world met last week to network and learn at

If It Isn’t That Extreme Is It Even a Problem? (Spoiler: Yes)

Typically, when people hear “eating disorders” their minds jump to some type of extreme or something they may have seen on television; an image of an emaciated individual glimpsing at a distorted reflection. A character reporting that she—it’s always a she in the media—feels out of “control” and uses food to cope. Someone