Thursday, November 21, 2019

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Hudson Regional’s Emergency Department: Short on Wait Time, Long on Quality Care

(Courtesy of HRH) Many conditions and complaints bring people to a hospital’s emergency department, but whether they hobble in on a sprained ankle or drag themselves in with fever and chills, everybody who makes that trip has one thing in common: They’ve decided that they shouldn’t wait to see a doctor.

The Center for Musculoskeletal Disorders Brings Innovation in Spine Surgery to NJ

Dr. Seth Grossman’s novel procedure gives active New Jersey patients suffering from degenerative disc disease hope for an end to chronic pain and narcotic dependence, and return to work.

(Courtesy of CMD) Center for Musculoskeletal Disorders and Hudson Regional Medical Center recently

Ridgewood’s Regenerative Healing Center: At the Forefront of Healing Innovations

Regenerative, by its very nature, defines the process combining recovery, renewal and indeed “growing back.” This approach to health care differs somewhat from more traditional medicine, which historically employs palliative methods to treat many symptoms and pain, when there has been a failure to identify the root

Preventive Health Focus: Radiology

(Courtesy of HRH) While radiology has typically been a field of medicine utilized as something after a patient incurs an injury or issue, radiology is heralded in the hospital world as one of the best options for preventive health. From mammograms to screenings for colorectal cancer to interventional radiology: when all these

Hudson Regional Hospital First in NJ Area to Use ExcelsiusGPS Robotic Guidance and Navigation System

(Courtesy of HRH) Hudson Regional Hospital spinal surgeons are first in the New York metro region to employ the ExcelsiusGPS Robotics Guidance and Navigation System, offering a new, less-invasive alternative for spinal surgery candidates.

Hudson Regional Hospital is one of only five medical centers in

Do-It-Yourself Orthodontics: Is It Worth It?

After seven hours, three trips to Home Depot, a sore back, filthy clothes and only $175 spent, I stood back and admired my accomplishment. I did it. Standing in the middle of my kitchen, I proudly admired my newly installed faucet glistening in its glory. A faucet never looked so beautiful.

As a

Englewood Health’s Cancer Care

Cancer Care at Englewood Health

The Lefcourt Family Cancer Treatment and Wellness Center at Englewood Health is a leader in providing personalized treatment and integrated programs. Accredited by the American College of Surgeons Commission on Cancer as a Comprehensive Community Cancer Program,

Can Israeli Company’s Electronic Patch Reduce Migraine Pain?

Theranica’s Neriva Migra patch, currently being evaluated by the U.S. FDA, delivers a small electrical jolt to mitigate headache and other acute pain through ‘conditioned pain modulation.’

It looks like a high-tech version of the nicotine patch, but Theranica Bio-Electronics’ wearable

The Sunscreen Debate

My family and I had the pleasure of traveling to Florida for an impromptu vacation a few weeks ago. Our pasty, white complexions were not ready to hit the sandy, white beaches without a quick trip to the local pharmacy to purchase some sunscreen. As I was standing there in the sunscreen aisle, I felt my head begin to swirl at the

Reminder From Room 306

I didn’t think he would remember me, but he embraced my presence. I didn’t think he would cry to me, but he sobbed. I didn’t think the prognosis would be as grim, but it was. I didn’t expect to hear what he said, but I did. I didn’t think it would impact me so greatly, but I reflected on the encounter for many days

How to Provide Support From Afar

Today’s world is spread out, as it is far more common that we will live in a separate city from our children, family and friends. Phone calls, occasional visits and social media make it easier for us to stay connected to our community of people, but what happens when there is a death or illness that requires a more meaningful

Maimonides Hosts HASC Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon

Last Wednesday, I attended a reception at Maimonides Medical Center. Though hardly newsworthy on the surface, this was no ordinary reception. This reception was a special volunteer appreciation luncheon for the proud members of HASC Center’s dayhab programs.

The men and women of HASC